The season of caring ~ the season of sharing.
This is the time of year when many pet bloggers are thinking of sharing a little extra
for pets in need, pets at shelters  ~ a little extra for food, for medicines perhaps,
blankets for winter warmth, maybe even a few toys.

But did you know that within our own community of pet bloggers we have
someone who cares for many, so many.  Who is nearly a "shelter unto herself"?

Our very own Ms Marg, who for many years has never ever turned away 
any cat or dog who came to her door.  But rather has opened the door, opened
her hands, her home and her heart to each and every one of them.

For many, many years has given them all food and shelter and care and
most of all love ~ for as long as they lived upon our earth!
More than we can count have called her home their home.
What a blessing Marg has been, and still is, to pets in need.

So as you take a moment to consider holiday giving, consider 
Marg's Animals, and add them to your list, please.  There could be no better
gift on your list.  You will be sharing with and caring for
one of our own, many of our own.  Thank you.


  1. What a pawsome post. Marg is a terrific lady who never asks for anything...though we know she could really use the help. We'll ask Santa Mom if we can do something for Marg and her animals.

  2. Marg is a strong blessing to all of us as well as to the helpless who come to her doorway.

  3. We love Marg and so hope everyone can help her out. We are going to try to sneek Mom's credit card out of her wallet and donate.

  4. Great idea. Thank you for posting this. Marg is an amazing loving one woman animal shelter.

  5. Very nice post, I will spread the word on my blog tomorrow.

  6. Marg does indeed care and share

  7. It's so kind of you to share this. Marg is indeed such a caring, wonderful person. And so are you. Purrs!

  8. What a pawsome post for Marg ! She deserves it ! Purrs

  9. M & Z....thiz bee total lee awesum oh ewe ta post thiz....we will ask de food serviss gal if her can swing by smoke & joe's place !!! ♥♥♥

  10. I can share the news but can't contribute. I have a full house too. :)

  11. It's a great idea! Marg does so much for all the animals she cares for.

  12. Marg is such a wonderful person for all that she does. 25???? Really???? We hope there is a lot of support for such a wonderful place like Marg's.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. We love Marg! And she's helped so many! Thank you for alerting us, Ann!

  14. Wonderful post!! WOW! She does have many, many animals!

  15. We really like Marg and Mom Paula tries to visit her when she's in the area. We've sent an email and will try to notify others. Thank you for doing this.