CATURDAY ART and All About Photoshop

For  a gazillion or more years we have worked with a very old, perhaps even the "original" version of Adobe Photoshop.  And even as many years as we've worked with this program, we've still never even come close to learning ~ let alone mastering ~ all the tools available within it.  Yet recently, with upgrading to a new computer, we decided to finally take the challenge and upgrade Photoshop as well ... leaping forward into the 21st century with Adobe Creative Cloud, the newest and most advanced version on the market today.  It is available by subscription, at just under $10.00 per month for non professional users and believe me, it is AMAZING.  If you enjoy doing any graphics, photo manipulation, art and design ~ working with color, type fonts, shapes ~ overlays, shadows, whatever you can possibly imagine ~ this is a program you will love.  It is offered on a trial basis, so you may want to give it a short-term try before committing to a one-year purchase.  I won't deny that there is a learning curve, I expect to be still learning this challenging program when I have one-foot-in-the-grave as the saying goes (or three of them there ...).  But the challenge is fun.  I did have some advantage of working in the earlier version which did help.  But there are online tutorials, books for dummies, and many community colleges offer courses as well.  So I do encourage bloggers with an interest in graphics and design to look into this.  It does beat out any and all free online art programs.


Our Caturday Art today was to create tree ornaments
with images of Maggy and Zoey ... these were done in PSD layers,
colored and textured.  The hanging ribbons were added, colored to match.
The pictures of Maggy and Zoey were done separately, and framed
then added to the round ornaments and warped to fit.  Other tools were
used to give some depth and perspective.

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  1. The Staff has just subscribed to this too!! She will still be learning the basics when she has several feet in the grave! MOL

  2. Love this ornament & your artwork, Ann! And thank you for putting in the details of how you did it! Christmas is such a tantalizing time to do these creative things and weare endlessly fascinated by everything you do. (and thanx for putting in the LINK!) Happy Holidays to you.

  3. Wow, that new photoshop looks great and we are so glad that you are having a good time with it. Those two pictures of Maggie and Zoey are really something. What fun for you. Have a great day.

  4. What lovely ornaments of Maggy and Zoey! They would look beautiful on any Christmas tree. I truly admire your skill with Photoshop and all things technological and digital, Ann. No amount of practice or training could ever bring me close to holding a candle to what you can do. Purrs!

  5. Your work is always amazing - talent plays a big part here too:) Mom wants to know when she can sign up for classes taught by the ZH:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. Those look great! Don't worry, still haven't mastered Photoshop here either :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  7. All of my graphic work is trial and error - self taught... I would love to really dig in and get better at it. Maybe I need to try that trial out! Lovely ornament! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey kitties

  8. Whoa! I thought CC was much more expensive. I may take the plunge next year. We have Adobe Suite 5 here and love love love PS even though we don’t know most of it and don’t have the imagination you have.

  9. We are looking forward to seeing all your new pictures with Photoshop.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Anonymous12/13/2015

    Your art has always been beautiful - How can it get an better!! Lovely ornaments.