I guess it could be said CATURDAY ART is probably my favorite day of the week for blogging.  And today we splurged!  Taking a single photograph, and working it four different ways with Adobe Photoshop.  I'd have to say that either the 2nd photo, or maybe the 3rd are my own personal favorites ~ if you happen to comment, let me know which one is your favorite please.  Above is the original, shot at 180 pixels, an 18" square image.  The photoshopped versions were all reduced to 8" square at 72 pixels for the blog.
This image was darkened a great deal (heavy contrast), only a little cropping, and my grandboy was highlighted with the light filter and overlay of deep red contrast shadow.  A black rule border was added.

This version by far took the longest to create, and used the most tools.  It has a tighter crop.  First, Doug was silhouetted with the magnetic lasso so the rest of the image could be turned to black-and-white and heavily blurred.  It was then given a filter of fine rules (multiplied) so detail and shadow would show through.  After that the hard work began.  I had to do a fair amount of cloning on Doug.  Although the magnetic lasso often works very well; it will not make a good distinction on edges where pixels do not have a strong difference (color usually) from the background.  Also, when ones hands are a bit shaky, the lasso can get a bit "off track".  I had to deal with both of these issues.  So, cloning his fur around all the edges became necessary.  Once accomplished (albeit not completely to my satisfaction) a precise-beveled edge frame was applied.

This third image is really a very simple one.  Just a very tight crop to concentrate on both faces in the original photograph.  As Doug is in the foreground, I sharpened the detail for him, and then blurred and softened the face of my grandboy in the background.  The wood of the deck railings was lassoed and given a warming filter.

This last image is just a simple photograph drop-out and conversion to black-and white, high contrast.

Whatever art program you may be using,
it's always challenging and fun
and you can learn a lot, to work the same photograph in different ways
using different art tools.

For more Caturday Art,
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  1. We think they are all terrific but we just happen to like the second one the best.

  2. Oohhh... Nice. I love it! purrs


  3. Great art effects! They are all wonderful. Our favourite is the second.

  4. These are all fantastic, but I am in love with the second image. What a great effect that is! And I'm with you - I look forward to Caturday Art so much each week!

  5. They are all terrific!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  6. We actually like the first one the most, not the original but the next one. But in all truth, they are all fantastic, OF COURSE!!!

    Happy Saturday.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. We love how you play with the different effects ! Purrs

  8. Anonymous4/16/2016

    Gorgeous! I like the one with Dougie in focus and the background in b&w.

  9. These are all great versions! I really like the last one.

  10. Anonymous4/17/2016

    We can't choose, because they are all so delicately...beautiful :) Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday :) <3