PETS IN POLITICS: The Great Debate

THAT debate on Monday is sure to draw some record-breaking ratings!
But if you want the real thing, tune in next Thursday, September 29
when the one, the only, ass-kicker JOE goes hoof-to-tail
against Rump: The Hair and The Hat and HRC: Hell in a Pink Pantsuit.
Yeah, if you thought there were only two choices (well, there are others ...)
at the top of the ticket, think again!
 Bring bananas please, it'll keep KONG calm!

Exclusively on these channels:

and here at Zoolatry

P.S.  got a question for any of the candidates?  email Nellie or Zoolatry before Monday

P.P.S.  The fact that Joe and Smoke, whose home base as you know is
Marg's Animals, were unable to post and access internet for a few days earlier this
week has come to our attention.  An investigation has been initiated as we strongly suspect
hacking and foul play by the opposition party (or suspicious foreign interests)
 and such shenanigans will not 
be tolerated.  After all, we are the ass kickers!


  1. Kong, we know you will do a great job. Looking forward to the debate. Joe and Smoke are getting themselves ready for the event.

  2. This Great Debate (hosted by KONG himself?!?) is sure to go down in history. We'll be sure to brings lots and lots of bananas.

  3. WOW, now I can't wait for Monday. Joe and Smoke just gotta win this debate.

  4. Tee hee! Nothing can stop PIP! Mes hopes yous guys don't runs out of bananas!

  5. We're eagerly looking forward to the debate. We're stocking up on bananas right now!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. guys....we wanna noe if smoke N joe can guarunteez a perch in everee pot !! ♥♥♥

    ewe can betcha ther will bee noe MONKEE shinez at de... de bate.... with de GORILLA
    dood hiz self ther....... { dumb joke huh ~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  7. I never though of that, but I bet there site was hacked by the opposition.