PETS IN POLITICS ~ Clean Your Sunglasses!

With less than 50 days left until Election Day [raise those hooves, donks!],
the campaign security team has been called in from all field offices to DC headquarters for a high-level planning and strategy meeting.  
The team has traveled here, and there, to protect and serve, working round the clock! 
Supervisory Special Agent Dougie Dog also wanted to extend special thanks to each and every Special Agent on the team ~ 
by sharing the unveiling of their offurcial portrait in the lobby at Homeland Security HQ.

But first ... he gives today's meeting agenda to each agent ...

 September 15 Meeting Agenda

1]  Beverage of choice and morning snak

2]   Clean sunglasses

3]  Practice looking fierce like SA Tees

4]  Naptime for all

6]  Litterbox break for almost all, outside walk required for SSA D.D.

5]  Snak time for all

7]  Brief interview with candidates Joe and Smoke

8]  Presentation by Campaign Manager Nellie on upcoming September 29 Debates

9]  Submit requests to OMB for new ear buds and increased funding for snaks

10]  Introduction of our newest agent: Special Agent In Training, ELLIE Fearless Feline,
recent graduate with high honors from Quantico.  Welcome her to team.  Special note: advise
Ellie that "pink and purple" accoutrements, although looking fabulous on her,
simply will not do!  Oh, and don't furget to clean the sunglasses again!


  1. That is one great looking Special Agent Team. We know that Smoke and Joe will be very safe but they also have those speedy hind hooves of theirs to protect themselves.

  2. Joe and Smoke are obviously in the bets of paws with this superior team of Special Agents!

  3. What an impressive Secret Service team!

  4. I can't wait for Election Day!

  5. Oh my!! SA in training Ellie is clearly gonna be a tough cat...ummm...where does she carry her nip gun?

  6. a pawz a pawz a pawz !!!!! total lee awesum cam pane post two day guys....de badgez//fotoz rock de houz !!!!! N can we get a beer ta go witha side order oh ham samiches N friez pleez ☺☺☺

    we iz off til monday sew heerz two a northern anchovy kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  7. Yippie!!!! Hey! Can Ellie bes my purrsonal body guard? If mes dressed in Pinks and purples wes would just looks smashing!!!
    Dougie, yous doing a bang up job!

  8. Whoa, those are some serious SAs!

  9. I wouldn't mess with that troop!

  10. wow that agents look super cool... I specially like pink sunglasses, the world looks much better in pink :o)

  11. Wow, what a great-looking team. We assume they are as efficient as they are well-dressed (sunglasses). And Dougie, how does it feel to be working with so many cats?