Hi there ~ my name is LOUIS DOG, and I'm the Director of Arts and Entertainment in the land of Blogville (if you don't know me already, I'm the fluffy little white guy over on the right... and you can visit me anytime at Louisdog's Life).  And over there, on the left is my good friend and very able assistant, JAKEY, Director of Artistic Development (who lives at Dory's Backyard).

We're here today to tell you about a new blog ~ open to all pet bloggers, one with wonderful and fun monthly events.  We hope you'll come visit, follow us, and join in our events!  Our first event in January featured Endangered Animal Species and lots of you participated.  

Our upcoming event for February is called "SELF PAWTRAITS" and all the details about taking part can be found if you CLICK RIGHT HERE.  The deadline is February 15, so please check it out soon, and remember, it's open to all pet bloggers.

I also want to introduce you to my other good friends and impawtent pawsons in the Blogville community ~ ARTY who is the Mayor of Blogville (upper right corner, from Dory's Backyard) and last, but never least, and loved by all, little CHRISTMAS, 
our City Manager (right next to me, who lives at Paw Province).

And stop by soon to visit our new blog,


  1. Thanks for the paws up!

  2. Thanks for spreading the word.

  3. We are sooooo looking forward to the Second Challenge!! Jakey is working on his tutorial and will post it on the Blogville Arts and Entertainment page next week!!!

    Thanks soooooooo much for the shout out Dougie!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. we will hafta chex thiz out !!! ☺☺☺ ....we iz sorree we mizzed de endangered postz ~~~~

  5. Ooh this sounds very interesting, I do hope we can join in. Purrs Erin

  6. Ooh this sounds like fun, I do hope I can join in and not too busy at work. Purrs, Erin.

  7. Thanks Dougie fur the paws up! I can't wait to see the self pawtraits come in!
    Your Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  8. We're going to check it out now.