There are none among us who have not suffered the loss of a beloved pet.
There are none among us who have not watched and waited, hoped and prayed as a beloved pet suffered injury or fell ill.
As pet bloggers, these are the times we look to one another for caring and for support and for those words that will bring comfort, 
words from friends who have shared the same sad moments and understand,
this is one of our responsibilities as members of the pet community.
There are two important blogs that can help, blogs created only for love, prayers and kind thoughts
for those in need and those who have suffered loss.
Please remember, please visit, please care.  
Thank you.

Our Rainbow Friends and The Power of the Paw have been recently redesigned and each has a new sidebar badge.  The badges are below and we would be honored if you would consider displaying these on your own blog, with links.  You may also wish to follow by email, or become a follower so as not to miss the regular postings to these blogs.  By receiving the updates, you will be able to respond to those in need of prayer and thought, and to those who have suffered a loss.  Thank you.



  1. Always nice to know about these places.
    We all have friends and loved ones that have passed on.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. Very nice post and so important. Great badges. We certainly will put one up on our blog.

  3. You're right. Losing a beloved pet is very hard and even devastating. Support from friends helps a lot.

  4. Thanks so much for all you do!!

  5. Makes me sad to think about this, but I am sure both sites are a great comfort.

  6. We never get to those places often enough, but it is so wonderful of those, including you, who help make it possible for those sites to be there. Thanks for the reminder.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  7. Ann, such a beautiful post. Thank you.


  8. Ann' than k you so very much for making up the badges. I have posted them to Mario's blog now. ThNk you for all you do for us. You are appreciated!

  9. Great job on the badges. I am thankful for these places to come together for support.

  10. It is so sad to think about the tears of the people and the friends we will miss efurry day, but is impawtant to remember and to keep all friends in our hearts that way...

  11. Nice badges, thank you sweet Ann. We will put them on our blog. Hugs