The news is always on when I'm around, or it's on in the background at the very least, 
even when I'm on the computer or doing other stuff.  
I'm a political junkie.  
"Are you a pawlitical junkie, too, Dougie?", I asked.  "Woof!" 
This one afternoon, he stretched out beside me to watch the late afternoon news on CNN.  
Maybe that makes him a pawlitical junkie, too ... or, maybe he just likes my sox.
Well, guess I spoke too soon.  Or his attention span is short.  
Oh, did you want me to change the channel Dougie?  Scooby Doo is your preference?  
Mmm, maybe no news is good news as is said, the better choice, at least then, my blood pressure won't rise. 
A nap sounds like a good idea, just don't drool on my sox please. 


  1. How nice that you have Dougie Dog to share your political rants with! Yes we do like your socks.

    A nap sounds like a terrific idea!

  2. i finks us pups make the bestest of company to watch the TeeVees with!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Does Dougie Dog like the smell of you on your socks Ann?

  4. I like watching TV too BOL

  5. That is great that you help Ann watch the news, Dougie. Sometimes the news is not so good though. You all have a great day.

  6. Mom is a news junkie too. The TV is always on here too. But after a while the "Trump" news gets pretty dull and we all long for something more interesting. We don't pay much attention to all the yakking, but a nice nap sounds like a great idea.

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  7. We don't watch news at ALL...but if there is a football/basketball/hockey/baseball/curling/bowling show on, then The Hubby is watching! My tastes are NatGeo, Animal Planet, History...LOL!

  8. We love those socks!! We think Dougie Dog does too!! MOL about the drool!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. afturr last yeerz eelectshunz....N smoke N joe dinna get inta de white houz... even tho
    they had de pop ewe lar vote; we sweared never ta watch polleez tix ever again ~~ ☺☺

  10. The news can be so depressing and horrific! But I am drawn to the 5 and 6:30 news every evening!

  11. I'm sure he likes your socks... I like them too :O)

  12. Mumsy keeps that news on a lot and fusses, groans and carries on and we don't know why she keeps watching it. We think Dougie just loves YOU and no matter what you are watching he would be there with you. Mumsy just loves your socks. Hugs and nose kisses Pooh and Chancy