Please feel free to copy/share/post this image (without credit to us) if you wish to do so.
We pray for all who are suffering in the state of Texas, the human community and our animal friends.
If you can help in any way, large or small, please consider doing so.

I would like to direct you to an excellent post that appeared yesterday on the blog of

I am sharing their LINK, below, with their permission, and encourage you to visit and read.
This post contains valuable information on legitimate sources for giving, and appropriate links
you can go to.  In times such as these, unfortunately scammers rise from the depths and they
are many.  It is wise to check out all charitable groups, large or small.  The RUMPYDOG
post will direct you to the right places, so please visit.



  1. we will visit Jen's blog to read more... and our thoughts and our heart is with the peeps and pets of texas...

  2. My thoughts are with all of those affected by the terrible flooding and storms in Texas.

  3. so happy you shared Rumpy's post.......we linked to her post on our sidebar too, lots of good resources there. catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. It's a catastrophe, and I have family and friends in these areas.

  5. All that rain could almost be the tears from all those who have lost everything:(

    Great link and resource.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  6. Great post from Rumpydog! I made sure to share it!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful badge!

  7. Thank you for making this image. My prayers are with all those in Texas.

  8. Our thoughts are with Texas. Last year our BFF in Louisiana went through the same thing. Read Rumpy's post but won't give to the Red Cross until they permit people to bring pets into their shelters. Will support Austin Pets Alive.

  9. Thank you fur the picsur and for all the great information!!

    Matt, Matilda & Bell Fur Zoo Family

  10. Thank you for such a beautiful graphic and for sharing the post from Rumpydog. Our friends and family in the Houston area were fortunate to escape Harvey's wrath relatively unscathed. My parents are now housing two couples and one dog who had to evacuate their homes and now they wait to see what will happen when a river crests. The area will need our prayers and actions for many, many months to come.

  11. My prayers are going out to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. It is great to see everyone pulling together to help Texas out of this disaster. Thank you for spreading this information.