Hi, Zoey here ... I decided (with the approval of the Zoolatry Human) that for the final page of The Book of Zoey I wanted to share photos of my fur family ... my "then family" and my "now family".  So, the ZH helped me choose some pictures, and make some montages and here they are! 

When I was a Florida girl, for many years, my only fur sibling was Maggy, the Magster, shown below.  Now, as the story goes, we really didn't get along too well, our parents thought it was a girl-thing, each of us wanting to be dominant, but whatever it was, well, it just was!  But I have to admit, Maggy is a real beauty and sometimes I do miss her ... she was the ZH's heart cat, and I was Daddy's Girl ... but I'm happy that Mags is happy, in her new home on the Gulf Coast with lots of fur siblings and her great Mom, Ms Peggy.  

Shown with Maggy, even tho they've never met ... and I've never really met him either, is my "virtual" brother, Dougie Dog!  He's the one who lives with the ZH now, cause she can't have kitties ... I think he might chase me cause he does chase squirrels 'n' rabbits all the time.  But I'm told he's really very sweet, so, well, I'll believe her.  

The second picture shows my "now family", my two real-life brothers, TK and Pip, who I love so much.  I first came to live with them and my Auntie Dee 4-years ago.  TK is quite an old boy now, and not so healthy ... I used to pester him a lot (I'm sorry, TK), now I understand better, and try not to bother him, because he is really the sweetest cat that ever walked on earth and I do love him.  And then there's Pip ... he's a lot younger than me, and still playful and kitten-y, so we have lots of fun together.  Maybe it's a boy-thing, but I seem to get on better with my brothers ... mmm.

So ... that's the end of The Book of Zoey ... well, not the end really, since I'm always a part of Zoolatry.  I hope you enjoyed it .... meow!


  1. Looks like you have a wonderful fur family, Zoey, both virtual and otherwise! :)

  2. I am glad you get on so well with your brothers, Zoey.

  3. What a beautiful family!

  4. Ann, I have so enjoyed your month of Zoe! She is truly unique!
    |thanks for sharing her with us.

  5. We really enjoyed the September pages of Zoey, and we hope the ZH will do it again. We always love seeing you and are so happy that you are doing so well in your home away from home:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. You collages really do look lovely!

  7. It was wonderful of your Auntie Dee to give you a home with Pip and TK and for Miss Peggy to add Maggie to her fur family. We know the ZH hated to part with you both but knowing you each would be safe and loved helped her through a hard time. Were glad you are all - ZH and Dougie Dog too - happy, and you're being nice to TK.