My post today is to wish my good friend Astrid well ... and if you're here to see me, I hope you'll
pop over to the FOUR-LEGGED FURBALLS and give Astrid your best wishes!

Just a week ago, she had to have a toe taken away!  That is the bad news ... but the good news
is that she is now free of that nasty 'c' and is on the mend!

I know a little about toe-and-foot problems, cause once upon a time, when I was alone, abandoned and neglected I had a lot of hurties all over.  
One of the worst was on my back foot and you can see where no fur grows there anymore and sometimes, though not often, it can still get a little bit sore!  But some good people rescued me and got me all fixed up real fine (Thank You, Good People) and then I got adopted 
and now I have a forever home!  

But I'm here to tell Astrid, that soon she will be
good-as-new and she won't even know that her toe had a hurty, and she'll play and run and jump
just like before.  Trust me, I know.  Luv you, Astrid ... be well, soon.

Every furry, go visit her please ...
... thank you to Astrid's hu-mom for the cute dougie-dog-punkin she made of me ...


  1. happy toesday and all the best for your friend astrid...

  2. Dougie, thank you so much for the well wishes! We are so, so blessed to have such sweet and loving friends as you. We're so sorry that your foot gives you trouble sometimes, Dougie, but we're also glad that you have such a wonderful family to take care of you and love you! And it makes me so happy and excited to hear you say that I'll soon be able to run and play and jump again. I can't wait! Thank you, Dougie (and Ann!) for all that you do! Woofs and wags, Astrid

  3. Astrid is one brave dog! As are you Mr Dougie!
    I am so happy that those of us who did not have a wonderful beginning to our lives ended up with the best people ever!!!

  4. That is very good news about Astrid. We send her wishes for good healing. Lightning is very happy that his foot problem is better now. Dougie, no worries about that former life. It has all been wiped away by the wonderful loving home you now have forever.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. That's so thoughtful, Dougie ! Purrs

  6. We hope Astrid is feeling better real soon. My patron saint, Old Charisma, lost a toe because she had a tumor on it. She had a lot of pain at first. But after a couple weeks, it was like it never happened!

  7. Anonymous10/25/2017

    We join you in wishing Astrid well! xo

  8. You are a kind doggie. I'm sure your furr-iend Astrid is very thankful to have you as a pal. I hope Astrid heals fast so she can enjoy the upcoming holidays! Mew Mew! My Basset minion, Bessie, says "Woof Woof!" hellos, too! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews