My thoughts on the Month of March ~ by Dougie Dog

March is a funny month, some days you like it just fine, and some days you don't like it at all! Some days it's so muddy in my backyard, that terrible "paw plunger" thingy has to almost go up to my tummy to get my paws 'n' legs clean before I'm allowed inside! Often I have to run about in leftover leaves the humans never got 'round to raking up last autumn!  And now, well now ... I have to be like "Superman", leaping tall buildings in a single bound, to get over all the big branches and limbs and twigs piled up that came down in that bomb-cyclone thing last week!  And I can hardly find most of my tennis balls which I'm sure are hidden underneath all that debris!  So here are my thoughts on the Month of March ............

M  Muddy ... March is muddy!  And most days my paws get very, VERY muddy.
A  Awesome ... March has lots of awesome days!  Warm and breezy and wonderful for playtime.
R  Rainy ... March, and the rains come down!  Which of course, makes it MUDDY (see Letter M)!
C  Cold ... March can trick you!  That warm day can quickly turn to a cold, really cold day!  It can even snow!
H  Happy ... March can be happy!  Why?  Cause it tells you that spring is really coming soon and who doesn't love spring ... and I am happy when I see a jonquil pop up in March ... and I am thankful, too!

So ... today, we are joining Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop cause we are THANKFUL and HAPPY!  And we really hope you are, too!


  1. That was good Dougie! We're thankful that winter is winding down! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Your thoughts couldn't be more spot on, Dougie!

  3. As soon as this latest snow melts, I'll be running in the mud too!

  4. Yeah, March is behavin' kinda badly at my house, too. MOUSES!

  5. March can be a very tricky month here. Cold, warm, calm, windy, dry, wet, MUDDY!!! Today was a beautiful day here so we enjoyed it to its fullest.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. March will be over faster than you will know Dougie! And then Spring and all the blossoms that accompany it, will soon be at your back door! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo