Today ... we welcome one and all to the new CAT BLOGOSPHERE.

After many weeks of long, hard work by Paula Gregg (of Sweet Purrfections) and Terry Frum (of Brian's Home) 
today is the day the new Cat Blogosphere premieres!

Be sure to stop by and give Paula and Terry a big "paws up of thanks" for all the time and effort
they have devoted to making this happen ~ not to mention, all they will be giving going forward!

By supporting the Cat Blogosphere daily, adding your post links, sharing your news, announcing
your blog hops and other events, you will make it more successful than it has ever been.  

You can spread the word through your own social media contacts and with other pet friends, and by
posting and sharing the new logo for the Cat Blogosphere.  The new logo is below, feel free to copy and paste to your blog and social media sites (removing the old one please). 

Thank you ... and thanks for your support!


For more years than we know of, some guy who we tended to call "Mo" when we should have called him "Morgen" (sorry about that) ... well, he nearly gave over his life (day and night, weekends, holidays and vacations) to the Cat Blogosphere!  As much as possible, MINION (formerly Isis) helped out, of course, but then, cats do need their nap time ... And behind the scenes, there was always the amazing and (OMC, thank you!) tech support from the one-and-only Eyad ... but the time came when Morgen let out a great big sigh and said, time to move on.  Rightfully so.  He's a teacher, you know, and quite an extraordinary one we're told.  And those kids really need (and deserve) teachers like him!  So ... without getting all weepy here, just want to say THANKS, MO!  (or THANKS, MORGEN!) ...
Thanks, Eyad ... Meow, Minion (and a few other cats and dogs in the house as well).  Good Job, all!  
We're gonna miss you here at the CB, but we'll never fur-get you.  XXX OOO


  1. We also want to thank Morgen, Eyad, and Minion. Without them, we may have lost the CB Community several years ago. We wish them the best.

    We're looking forward to the changes to the CB. We will honor the history and traditions as we move forward.

    Thank you, Ann, for all you do for the CB!

  2. Yes indeed, thanks to Mo, Eyad and Minion, y'all done good!

  3. Thanks to Mo, Eyad, and Isis-Minion, and thanks for Terry, Paula, and you ! The new design is beautiful ! Purrs

  4. 984 paws up two mom paula, dad terry, N dadz mo and eyad....manee thanx two ewe all for all yur hard werk for everee one in blogland...itz troo lee apurreciated ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  5. and manee thanx az well ta sum onez mom whooz name soundz like ann for de way awesum dee sign ;) ♥♥

  6. It's a wonderful place thanks to wonderful hoomans!

    Keep Calm & Blog On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. This is exciting! Thanks to Mo, Eyad and Minion for keeping it going in the past, and thanks to all of you for keeping it going now! We love the new design.

  8. We are sharing for the Cat Blogosphere and its amazing newness. Mo was a rock star and, yep, as teachers go I bet he is amazing too!

  9. We will have to check it out. We heard that some big thanks are in order for YOU too for your part in creating this site. We know so very well what beautiful work you do.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Thank you Morgan, Eyad and Minion for all the work you did to keep the Cat Blogosphere going!!
    We look forward to the new look and new participants (Paula and Terry) keeping this pawsome site going.
    Thanks also to you Ann for the work you do and the great new look :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  11. I love the Cat Blogosphere and am excited to see where it will go next. Many thanks to Morgen, Eyad, and Minion for taking care of it for so long! :)