Dear Bunny,

It was only on Saturday, I was up on the deck, sniffing all those sweet summer smells.  The smells of all the critters that come and go in our yard.  Critters just like you!  And I said to myself ... "those buns make a beeline for the fence gate, they scooch under and off and away they go!  Fast little fellas.  I haven't caught one yet.  Someday I will."

Little did I know how soon 'someday' would come.  I'm so sorry little bun.  Yesterday I saw you just at the foot of the stairs.  Down I charged.  You ran.  Toward the fence gate.  You were fast, you were ahead of me.  It was an accident, a mistake I guess.  For one second, you misjudged.  You hit the gate and it stunned you and you fell backward. 

In one more second, I caught up to you ... that's all it took, just two brief seconds in time.  I'm so sorry little bun. 

I was a rescue dog.  Once upon a time someone abandoned me.  I had to fend for myself for awhile.  Little critters like you were the food that helped me survive during that time.  I hope you understand.  My instinct is still strong I guess.  And, after all, I am a retriever.

Just the same, I'm so sorry little bun.  I hope there wasn't a family waiting for you to come home.  I know if there was, they will be missing you.

When I caught you, I shook you like a toy.  The Zoolatry Human was on the deck the whole time, I heard her yelling "drop it".  So I did, I dropped you, and ran back up onto the deck.  But I knew I had hurt you, and I knew it was too late for you to hop up and hop away. 

I'm so sorry little bun.  Little Bunny ... hop free beyond your Rainbow Bridge.

Your furriend,
Dougie Dog


  1. Although this was sad to witness, it was Mother Nature at work. It happened in a flash, and I do know, had not the bunny stumbled, Dougie never would have caught him ~ he chases them day in and day out, without success. He surprised me totally when I commanded him to "drop it" and he did so, coming back up to the deck. I hope and pray we'll not have such an event again as our yard, especially this season, seems to be overflowing with critters ...

  2. Oh my.....we know you didn't mean to hurt the bunny. Still, it's sad.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. I know you were only doing what comes natural. Our Little Bit tried and tried to catch bunnies but never did. I'm happy about that. Not to worry, mom still loves you bunches.

    Have a woof woof day. my best to your mom. ♥

  4. It's OK, Dougie - it's what dogs do. We try to catch those bunnies too, and the squirrels. Lightning got one once a few years ago AND brought him in the house. That totally freaked out the Mom. RIP, little bunny.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. You caught a bunny! Wow! One summer I caught five of them! Then I brought them to my ghostwriter and said, "look look look lookie look at what I caught for YOU! I'm a good hunting doggie catching stuff for dinner for YOU!" She always looks at me sadly, but she can't really get mad at me for doing my job.