Were you one of those kids who lay out on the grass on a hot summer day, a popsicle (orange preferred) to keep you cool ... one of Mom's old blankets beneath you ... flicking away the ants that came along?  Were you one of those who looked up at those clouds drifting by and saw a cat, a dog ... maybe a sailing ship or a rocket on the way to the moon?  Growing up in the 1950s, living in rural mid-West, no TV (yet), of course no video games, computers, cell phones, etc., etc. [some of you know this list of "not haves"] ... cloud watching was a "thing to do".

Here's a Friday Flashback.  No, not looking up at the clouds.  Rather, looking down at the tiled floor beneath my feet ... once upon a time, on the porch of my home in Florida.  Daydreaming, seeing shapes ... I didn't see a cat, or a dog ... or that rocket to the moon though.  Do you see anything?  What do you see ... look hard ... imagine ... let your mind wander free ... do you see what I saw ......

Gracie Gator!  It's Freddie Frog!  And the Geico Gecko!

And they're all taking part in the FIVESIBES
Flashback Friday Blog Hop.


  1. I see a cat right in the middle of that shot.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  2. Wow! You're right! That does look like a gator, a frog, and a salamander/gecko!

  3. WOW - you did very well with your sightings - and all so perfect to be sighted in Florida. Sometimes Mom stares at the marble-y tile floor and sees very strange things - we think she is weird:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber