It's time for the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop ~ sponsored by our friends from Comedy Plus.  We're happy today!  Recently, my daughter and I have been working to dedicate a section of our backyard as a small haven for the neighborhood birds ... and of course, the ground critters who tag along and feed below.  It's a work in progress (the weeds keep taking over!) but as I write we have two feeders, a suet cage, a couple of (unsold-unrented) bird houses ... and a few "decorative" things, like old tree stumps for perching.  Bathing area yet to come.  Lots of visitors each day, many yet to be identified.  Good viewing from the deck or downstairs family room windows ... it is a happy thing, a quiet time, relaxing ... to watch them come and go.  And me ... working hard to improve my photo skills ... our flying friends are fast and startle easily, it takes patience.  
Here, a regular visitor ... a Downy Woodpecker.  They are small, only 5-6" in size, and a bit on the chubby side when compared to the traditional "woody" woodpecker we most often visualize ... and they wear a little red cap rather than a crown ... TOP: he waits on the fence for his turn at the popular suet cage, BOTTOM: it's his turn!



To read more about the
Assateague Island Light House


  1. Mom is a backyard birder too. WE have a hummingbird feeder and four seed feeders. WE look forward to
    seeing your project completed
    Thank you for joining us today...on this wonderful Blogville lighthouse day!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. We feed the birds too and it's so fun to watch them. They make me happy. They make you happy too.

    Have a birdtastic Happy Tuesday and thanks for linking up. ♥

  3. We love to see the downey woodpeckers. Occasionally, we get a red belly woodpecker too. Happy Lighthouse day!

  4. Great picture of the Woodpecker. Bet that is great fun to see all the birds.

  5. Anonymous8/08/2018

    Those are the same woodpeckers that we had here in Vancouver at my feeder (before we had to take it down). I love to watch them!
    Mom misses the birds in Midway, but she could not make it too comfortable for them there as Kozmo and Jo Jo would have looked at it as a smorgasbord.
    The Assateague Island Light House is fascinating!
    Thanks for including it!