June 13, 2019


When my Daddy was old, and we would talk of serious and difficult things and I would say, "Daddy, if you die ...", his hand would go up ... and he would say, "Annie, it's not a matter of if, it is when."  As I get older, I now think of things such as this, though not often.  I am an organ donor, though with passing time, I wonder if those organs become less desirous.  My heart ~ I think it is no longer dark red.  Open me up ~ they would likely find it rainbow colored!  For over so many years of creating rainbow images for the many pets who have moved beyond, each and every one has touched my heart and left there a little mark ~ a memory of themselves, forever imprinted on my heart. It never seemed to matter if I knew them well, or knew them barely at all.  For those I did not know well, a visit to their blog allowed me to get to know them, scrolling through, looking at photos, new and old, reading their stories and discovering how much they were loved.  So many brought tears to my eyes.  It is always a privilege, an honor to be able to provide the small gesture of creating a memory image for each one of them.  
When a pet dies, I feel it is so very important that we all take a moment to recognize his or her life among us.  We share the fun times, the events, the birthdays and gotcha days ~ and we must also share the passing.  I know, for me, it meant a great deal, when losses were a part of my life that so many of you shared in my sadness ~ please extend your sharing, your caring ~ to all others. It matters.

Tomorrow, Friday, July 14, OUR RAINBOW FRIENDS
will publish in honor of our pets loved and lost during the month of May.
Please visit them.

These dear friends have also recently crossed their Rainbow Bridge ~ some have had visitors, others not too many.  
We have included a LINK so that you may visit each of them ~ all you need to is
click on the name below the photo.  It will mean a lot if you do so.  Thank you.




We are, as always, thankful to all our pet blogging friends.

And today, we are sending forth very strong purrs, prayers and paws together for the wonderful
"host" of Thankful Thursday, Brian's dad ... Mr. Terry ... you can visit him, of course, and
read about what is going on ... and please send up your very own prayers ~ much needed!  Thank You!


  1. So many sweet ones departing again. Thanks for all you do to memorialize those special souls and thanks for the well wishes for our Dad. Oh yea, thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. 💙💕💙💜💕💜

  3. I double checked an I'm not on the list-yet.

  4. I think they'll find a rainbow heart sprinkled liberally with Angel sparkles - you are the guardian angel of all of our lost ones, making sure they are not forgotten and that they are honored - bless you Ann.

  5. I know we all appreciate your wonderful memorials and pictures, whether commemorating a birthday, or a passing.

  6. SO sad there have been so many losses. XO

  7. Thank you for taking this on each month. I visited and commented on each blog.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

  8. This is such a beautiful post, Miss Ann. It definitely brought a tear to our eye. A rainbow colored heart is the best hear ever.

  9. Always too many that have to leave us. We all appreciate the love and work you put into the memorial badges for our beloved pets when they have to leave us.

  10. Such nice thoughts about those that have passed ,both human and pet,and the fact that is a part of life.
    It is important to remember all those that have passed buth pet and human.
    Yes, you have a good heart and yes it is rainbow coloured :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  11. We really appreciate the photos you make - we luved Crockett's memorial badge.

  12. What a beautiful post! I've sent many fur babies across the Rainbow Bridge over the years. Yes, each one with unique personalities and each one leaving an imprint on my heart. And, then add the imprint of all those from friends and family that were mine by extension. Gone but never forgotten.

  13. What a sweet and thoughtful post sweet Ann. You and all the beautiful graphics you make are such a blessing to all of us. They would lots of love and compassion in that heart of yours. Much love, many hugs and a big 'Thank You' for all you do.

  14. So much joy over the years and also so much sadness. We still cry when one leaves for the bridge. Your efforts and Amber's mom's efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

  15. I need to visit the Rainbow Friends today.

    I hope I have a rainbow heart tool