July 29, 2019


And my little heart is now home!
And I thank each and every one of you ... right from my little toof up top, all the way down to
my polka-dot toe ... for all your purrs 'n' prayers, for the power of your paws together!  Because
I know, I really really know that all of you helped me get better ... all of you made sure it was
not a super-serious thing going on, and because of all of you I came home yesterday!

Aunt Dee was watching over me, hour by hour, minute by minute, she kept coming to the pet vet place 
to keep me company, to make sure I was not lonely, and that they took good care of me,
which they did ~ they were wonderful (I never did put the bitey on any of them!) ... and
Aunt Dee thanks you, too for your caring love.

My first Mom, always Mommy Ann, the Zoolatry Human, worried and fretted and was so afraid,
but now she is "happy as a clam at high tide" (whatever that means!) and she is very thankful 
to all of you ... you are truly the best of the best!

And I'm happy to be free to run about, all over the house ... to eat my favorite chicken treats and my
tots!  No more being stuck in a tiny kennel, no more cone of shame ... no more poking
and prodding (even at my private parts) ... no more tests, uuugh ... 

I get to chase Pip instead and
sleep with my pawrents, and use my very own litter box!  It's like Real Life again!  Of course,
I am taking my antibiotics for the infection that invaded my liver and made me awful-bad 
sick, and I'm a good girl with that ... so, as it's said, life is good.

Hey, see that picture I'm looking at: the ZH's Grandma made that ... it was made 90 years ago, 
in 1929 ... wow ... you know what ... I feel so good, I think I'll be around for 90 years, too!


  1. This made our day!...YAY!!!...We are so happy and relieved to hear this wonderful news about your precious Zozo=our Mommy cried happy tears because our purrs and prayers were answered!...Kisses to gorgeous Zoey, hugs to her Mommies, Ann and Dee...Happy Monday dear friends=we love you guys!...XO...J, Halle, Sukki

  2. I am so happy that everyone has taken such good care of you, and you are back home again. I will continue to send good thoughts until you are 100% again. It does sound as though you are almost there as you are chasing Pip again.

  3. We are so glad that Zoey is home and we know that Dee is especially glad too. Dee stayed by Zoey's side the whole time. Ann, you have a fabulous day.

  4. Sounds like you were in pretty bad shape. We are happy you are back home and on the mend. Home always is the best place to be.

  5. Oh thank goodness all is well, we've been so worried! Big hugs and soft purrs The B Team XOX

  6. Zoey, this is the best news to start our Monday! We're so glad you're home and feeling better, and hope that once the antibiotics have run their course you stay healthy and happy. Continued purrs from us.

    Nicki and Derry

  7. We are so happy that you're home, Zoey, and the picture that your Grandma made is just beautiful!

  8. We're glad you're home, Zoey...and we purr you feel better soon.

  9. I'm so glad you are back home sweet girl and it's important for you to take good care of yourself. Purrs and hugs sweet girl.

  10. A great big smile on the way today. Just knew you could fight this and chase all the bad germs away. πŸΆπŸ’•πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

  11. Awww, what great news, Zoey. You've made this Monday morning most special. We're all so very happy. I'm doing the happy dance.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday, Miss Zoey. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

  12. We're so glad you're home and doing well, Zoey ! Purrs

  13. We're so glad Zoey is getting better now. We were so worried!

  14. Yay, Zoey! And I'm so glad that you used the entire saying; some folks stop at just 'happy as a clam'.

  15. We are over the moon happy to hear this news, Zoey. Now you be a good girl and take your meds for Dee. We need you to be 100% better asap!!!

    Hugs and Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. zoey; we hope ewe iz round for nother 90 two N we iz buzzed happee
    yur doin sew grate; heerz sum mor st francis blessingz ta hang on two;
    put em under yur pillow coz they never run out....just for safe keepin

    now, bout that hole burd thing ~~

  17. Such wonderful news! We are so happy you are home, Zoey!!!!
    Arty, Jakey & Rosy

  18. Hooray! We're so glad you are home and everything is back to normal sweet Zoey!

  19. We're so glad you are home, baby-girl. It's just not the same here without you.
    PeeEss- thanks for the back-rubs, I sure did miss them!
    Love, Mommy Dee

  20. Thank goodness you're home Zoey. There's no place like home.

    Woah, 90 years old you say. That is a hairy loom. Mom told me when things are still in the house and they're really old, they must be hairy looms.

    Still on biotics...they will help Zoey. Mom's been on them for 3 months now. Don't copy her though...she mends slowly.


  21. I am so glad you are home. I pray you have a full recovery. XO

  22. This is absolutely the BEST news of the day!

  23. This is wonderful news! I know how much both of your human moms were worried. We're thankful you're home and doing so much better!

  24. Zoey you have made my day - knowing you are home and feeling better is the best news EVER!

    Love, Teddy

  25. Zoey we are sooo glad you are home again and feeling good. We will keep the purrs coming no matter simply because we love you dear girl

  26. What wonderful news sweet Zoey. We are so happy to hear you are home and doing better. Love, hugs and nose kisses

  27. Fantastic news! POTP really does work.

  28. Oh Zoey - we are so glad you are feeling better and AT HOME ! Purrs !

  29. Hooray! This makes us so happy to hear, Zoey. Continued purrs and prayers to you!

  30. This is great news, sweet Zoey! Your health makes everyone happier.

  31. Such wonderful news Zoey!! So glad you are feeling better
    Mabel & Hilda

  32. We're so happy to hear this!!!!

    The Florida Furkids