CATURDAY ART in words ~

A beautiful morning, we sat together on the deck, coffee, the morning paper.  I said, "smile, Dougie Dog" and so he did.  

Much earlier, being one who rises well before the sun is fully up, and walking out to pick up the paper ~ a young deer munched on clover in an un-mowed strip of grass between two homes across the street, a sight common in our neighborhood. Nearby a little bunny breakfasted on the same clover, his white puffball tail bobbing.  In our yard two chubby early bird robins searched in the yard for worms.  There was a slight smell of flowers in the air that I couldn't identify and the birds were beginning to wake and sing their morning songs.  Yes, it would be a beautiful day, and it made me smile. 

And I said to Dougie Dog, "smiles are such good things" and he smiled again.  We are nurture and nature, though it seems when one reaches many, many years here that nature is the greater influence and I asked Dougie Dog what his thoughts were on smiles.  I wonder if my own are really "my own any more", listening, being an avid reader, observing ... all now crammed together in my mind, can there possibly be an original thought?  Or would I only pull out a jumble of things from there that belonged to someone else, things said elsewhere, written elsewhere now merged into something I think is my own?  I have no answer to that.  

So I asked Dougie Dog to share his thoughts on smiles, they may or may not be original thoughts.  It's rather hard to say what is in the mind and heart of a dog.  They, too, tend to be listeners and observers of life around them.  Yet I also believe they are very wise.  And so, Dougie Dog offered these very simple but beautiful thoughts for a beautiful day ~

A smile travels for miles only if you share it.

When I give you a smile, it is my gift to you, please pass it to another.

When I share a smile with you, share yours with me.

My name is Dougie Dog, and trust me, my smile is much better than my bark,
much better than a lick with this big tongue, or a whap with my strong tail,
and you don't want me stepping on your toes cause my nails are sharp, 
and if you've never endured the infamous "Lab bump", well, watch out ...
it's likely to knock you over on your you-know-what!  So...
smile back and we'll be friends for always, and a
pat on the head is really good, too!  Thanks!


  1. A lovely smile from Dougie Dog, and lovely words from both of you.

  2. We love your smile and your beautiful thoughts, Dougie. Nature is so amazing and wonderful!

  3. Pawsome smile and great words!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. You sure make us smile sweet Dougie.

  5. You never disappoint, ZH!
    Such a beautiful moment, eloquently captured. Thank you for sharing this wonderful image.

  6. Such a sweet boy. XO

  7. Beautiful smile, Dougie ! Purrs

  8. That is a beautiful smile, Dougie, and it sounds like a lovely morning. We will pass your smile along too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. DOugie, we love that sile of yours, and your very wise words, too!

  10. Dougie that was beautiful. Thoughts are like music, there are no original ones, but endless ways to rearrange and play them.

  11. Now that's a smile that brings a smile on our face too, Dougie and your words are very sweet too😸Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday🐾😽💞