October 30, 2020


 I thought it might be fun to do "trick 'n' treat" and I even found a new friend to go with me.
He was hiding sort of behind-and/or-under the refrigerator when I was prowling during the night.
He said he had a sister but she was too a-scared to come out thinking I would eat her up.

Anyway, the ZH says I'm still too little to go out [even with a friend] and then she 'splained it's not
at all safe to do it this year, things being the way they are.  The way they are is not good.
So I'm putting my paws together that all kitties and woofies and all the little human people don't go 
out and do trick 'n treating either, or even go to parties or stuff, cause it's probably not good for them!

So, we'll stay indoors and maybe if anyone comes to our door we can "scare" them, and then
afterwards we'll give them a treat!  Then, oh my goodness, the ZH has to 'splain yet another thing to me, 
it turns out that the place where we live is almost all kind of oldish people (like her) and
she said they really don't go knocking on doors asking for candy and gum and apples, that they've
outgrowed that kind of thing.  Well, I ask you.  What is the world coming to?
I'm just a wee bit of a thing and here I am living with a lot of oldish peoples?  Oh dear.

Now: this is super secret, hush-hush: don't tell my new friend here, or his sister, but tonight
when it's dark and I'm prowling about the kitchen, if I see either of them, yeah,
I'll most likely eat them up, one or both!  
That's my Halloween Treat: cause a growing girl needs her protein.

Wonder if Ms Sandee is giving out treats today at ...



  1. oh that's nice to have company when you go out ... and we hope your bucket will be full to da brim ;O)

  2. Since you're going to be eating up spiders I think I'll invite you to come and live with me Junie girl

  3. Yes Juney, that is what kitties do to scary spiders, eat them right up!

  4. Juney, Da Boyz spent a great deal of time this morning watching a spider that hid well enough that they couldn't get at it; they amused their humans!

  5. I has to tell you that living with oldish humans is pawsome. They has much more times to give scritch and play and put fuds in our bowls.

    Aĺso, Spiders are yummy!

    Your big brofur,

  6. I'm hoping the kids stay home this year too. We won't answer the door either. I've not the energy for that anymore.

    You're sure adorable Miss Juney.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  7. You are a treat bucket full of cute sweet Juney!

  8. Whatever you do, don't kick that bucket.

  9. You are so cute- and funny too. :) XO

  10. Yes, eat those spikers up. The hoomans like that ~ At least at our place they appreciate it. Have a great weekend.

  11. You are too cute standing in your Halloween bucket, Juney. We are not expecting any kids to come to our house and that's just fine with us. We hope they all stay home and stay safe.

  12. juney chowder; de stuff IN de fridge iz WAY better N stuff under de fridge

    truzt uz on thiz one.....honest two cod !!! happee howl o ween ☺☺♥3

  13. So many things for a wee one like you to learn, Juney. We are betting that your lovely orange bucket will be filled by the ZH with lots of treats and tons of love.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. Kids should stay home and scare their parents like they do everyday.

  15. June we are so glad to see you being safe for Halloween. It is something how daylight will give some the bravery to venture out but when the dark falls... we eat them up at our house too. A Boo to You Too!

  16. Oh, i hope you leave the spiders to eat the icky bugs, and you stick to eating the cat kibble and any mice you find. That way, you keep the big vermin out and the spiders can keep the little bugs out and the house will be safer!