June 20, 2021


Poppy Vic as his three grands called him.  My husband of 38 years.  
Heaven sent. Father of two.  Always missed, always loved.

Dad!  Heaven sent.  Fifty plus years of marriage, father of two, granddad and great grandfather.  
And I always thought him to be both grand and great ~ love you, Dad!

My son.  From baby to boy to young man and father of two.
And I'm being truthful when I say he is a super Dad.  Love you lots!

My kid brother.  Of course, all grown up!  
Couldn't do without him in my life.  Father, grandfather, and Godfather for my son. Blessed you're "mine". 

Grandpa, father-in-law, was I ever the lucky woman to have this wonderful man in my life.  His
two grandkids adored him.  Heaven sent.  We never stopped missing him.

Godfather for my daughter.  Lifelong dear friend.  Part of our family.  Father of four girls.
Heaven sent.  Loved and missed.

Father.  Father to so many.  He performed our marriage, he baptized each of our children 
and many years later performed the wedding ceremony for our daughter.
His guidance helped us throughout our lives.  
Heaven sent.  May he rest in peace.


Many take on the role of "fathers" in our lives,
perhaps a teacher, a neighbor, an uncle,
some for a moment in time, some for a lifetime.
Look into your heart and you will find many fathers are there.
Celebrate and thank them, each and every day
for all they have given to you.



  1. Such beautiful memories. Purrs.....

  2. That was just beautiful.

  3. You were truly blessed to have all these wonderful fathers in your life. Happy Fathers day to all of them, here on earth and in heaven

  4. Sending you hugs as you remember your sweet husband. XO

  5. Thanks Ann. I never knew my father but I had some great father figures in my life.

  6. Happy Father's Day to all of these very special men.

  7. A wonderful tribute to all the many kinds of Fathers out there :)
    Purrs, Julie & Nancy

  8. What wonderful collage to celebrate these very special Fathers. A very Happy Fathers Day June, Mom and Family

  9. Such wonderful and loving photos all. Happy Father's Day to Dads everywhere.

  10. Beautiful Father's Day memories.


    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  11. You create the loveliest memories, such genuine and gentle tributes that shine the spotlight on those we love.

    Thank you.

  12. My peep has two sisters. Brother died at 9 months.

  13. Oh, MY! This was such a moving tribute to the Fathers and Father figures in our lives, yours and ours and so many others. Thank you.

  14. Miss Ann an June girl wee has sumthin inn our eyess...
    What a poignant an touchin tributte to ALL THE PawPawss inn yore Life!!!
    Happy PawPaw'ss Day to all on earth an all inn Purr Land.
    **purrss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  15. These are such moving and lovely memories, Ann.

  16. Thanks for sharing photos of all of them. I'm sure you meant as much to them as they did to you. Purrs.

  17. Happy Father's Day. You have been blessed, as i have, with many great men in your life.

  18. Those are beautiful pictures of fantastic men.

  19. Ann, this is such a toughing tribute to the Father's in your life. Thank you for sharing them with us. We can see they loved well and were well loved. You are blessed.

  20. oh Ann these photos are just the BEST!! I cannot believe how grown up and beautiful your grandchildren are! I loved seeing all of the special men in your life, especially Poppy Vic xoxo