June 14, 2021


Well, my Breaking News probably is not impawtent enough to be covered on the Cat News Network, 
but just the same I do want to share it with my friends.

Breaking News #1
When we took a few days blog-break to try and fix our header issues 
[which a good friend did for us cause the ZH-dingbat couldn't] 
we thought maybe we'd actually switch to a wordpress blog.  
The same ZH-dingbat signed in over there just to check it all out,
but now they have an email for her and they're trying to take over 
and they won't let me COMMENT on a lot of our friends blogs!!!
It might work, it might not, we never know. 
Mostly they interfere with wordpress blogs, but sometimes they
even mess around with google blogs.
So if we haven't commented on yours recently ... we are very sorry,
it's not our fault!  Honest.  We're trying to fix this.

Breaking News #2
Every furry knows that soon Feedburner goes away.
Well, we switched to follow.it.
But here again, the ZH is really the ZH-dingbat and couldn't figure out how to
properly do the transfer stuff.
So, if you were a subscriber by mail ... or if you were not, but would like to
become a subscriber by mail ... you have to start over.  Sorry!
So just fill out that new little box, top right on our sidebar to make it happen.

This post was written by June.
The ZH-dingbat was too embarrassed to admit to all of this.
As a blogger since 2007 you'd think she knows what she's doing.
Apparently not.

*** p.s.  I stoled "Moan-Day" from daPhenny and daNelly, apawlogies, but I needed it for today, it was just so, so right


  1. you can use it as much as you want... that mondays are da pawfect moan-days... we would like to send them to da moon... then it is da moonday ;O)

  2. Computer/program issues can make one nuts! Hope you get your issues worked out without too much trouble!

  3. I know those Weims will not mind your borrowing from them. I did the same thing a year ago with wordpress. i can tell you there is no way to fix it unless we figure out how to delete what we did. the only way i can comment on wordpress is to stay logged into wordpress. i logged in and left it that way and had no more problems. i keep thinking i will fiddle with it but fidding here is all booked up.... i am not changing my feed thing i could not figure out how to download and just left it. i had no idea, i only have 3 people I know who follow by email but was shocked to see there are over 1100 on there none of which I know, all my FRIENDS that comment regularly are SAFE

  4. Ugh. We need to switch from Feedburner too and were thinking of using follow.it. But now maybe not if there are problems with doing so.

  5. Thanks for the reminder about Feedburner. We just signed up for follow.it and sent an email to them for help.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. She's not a digbat. Stuff happens. I subscribed because your mom asked me to.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. ♥

  7. Moan away. The biped follows blogs via Feedly, so doesn't personally care that Feedburner is going away, though she knows it will impact a lot of people.

    We hope the rest of your week is moan-free!

  8. We're sorry to hear about all your problems, but we don't think ZH should be so hard on herself. Both platforms (Wordpress and Blogger) have made changes that have caused many people problems lately.

  9. Thank you for the reminder of Feedburner, I need to deal with that too. :) XO

  10. Technical difficulties are the worst! Best of luck working out the bugs you two.

  11. Puter issues are soooooooo frustrating. Tell your mom to give herself some slack and relax, Juney.

  12. juney chowder; de food servizz gurl could knot dee sign a blogger header if it ment de end oh dayz for de werld....pleez ta tell ZH knot ta beetz her self up ;) ♥♥☺☺

  13. We don't understand all that WordPress stuff or the Feedburner. We use Feedly for our blog reading list. So far it works well, but one day it too will be an issue - of that we are sure.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty. and Timber

  14. Our Mama is having so much difficulty trying to switch over to Wordpress. She has put it on hold until our Daddy can help!
    Rosy and the Gang

  15. Yep, all those things happen, big tech can be a big pain sweet June, just have some Nip and roll with it!

  16. I don't know why the sites change their formats and makes things so hard. It is worse than when the dog good places move the food.

  17. Mommy says she understands purrfectly. She said a lot of HBO words about feedburner going away. She tried Word Press too and that led to a lot more HBO words and to top it all off our Internet Provider is taking our main email away which was the one we used for bills so lots and lots of HBO words while she notified and changed email addresses on everything. We think you have our gmail since Cableone was naughty about delivering mail. And she still hasn't got some stuff fixed.

  18. Moan and tear your hair out, no matter how long you've been at it, The Powers That Be have changed everything and made it worse than impossible.

  19. Oh Juney, at least your Moms knows what she's doin' most the time ~ Ma doesn't!!! BOL!!! Ma was thinkin' on switchin' to WP, let us know how it is, k?
    Ruby ♥

  20. I started a Wordpress blog about 12 years ago for my holiday photos but couldn't get on with it so started another blog on Blogger instead. Ever since then I can only comment on WP blogs using my WP account. I just stay signed into it so it is not a problem, but was annoying at the time. I did once read on someone's blog that they deleted their WP account because it annoyed them not being able to comment with Blogger. Then WP tried to make them sign in to comment but of course they no longer had an account. I don't know what happened in the end, but because of that I just left WP active and signed in.
    I follow blogs with Feedly so Feedburner won't affect me.

  21. Are any of these email options free?

  22. I follow you on blog lovin' (BTW we are there too).....as for WordPress? Don't do it!!! It's waaay more confusing than blogger!

  23. What Caren said! You should still be able to easily export your Feedburner list to follow.it. When I posted about switching a few weeks ago, I have directions but there's a button on top of feedburner which exports your list. Technical woes are the worst.