July 29, 2021


Angel Sammy with his sweet brother Teddy from TWO SPOILED CATS gave us this beautiful library photo for this weeks poetry challenge.  We were not up to the challenge of a "rhyming poem" for the image ~ so made an attempt at a little haiku instead. 

Whether in small towns or major cities, our libraries are our treasures.  Taking us into new worlds and old, opening our eyes to new possibilities, they are teachers beyond the classrooms.  When one learns to read and chooses a lifetime of books for themselves, they have "friends" forever.  As always, we were also inspired to share an image of our own neighborhood library, founded by an esteemed Baltimore businessman and philanthropist.  It is as extraordinary inside as is its main entrance which we photographed.

No Kindle for me.
I want the smell and the feel
of a book in hand.

As I turn each page
the paper crisp to my touch
it nurtures my soul.

It is also time for the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop at
Brian's Home Blog.
Today I am thankful to have had parents who instilled a love of reading
in me, one I have tried to share and pass on.

A Special Thankful Thursday


  1. yes, they are treasures... and in every book are the thoughts of the autor... we have to switch to e-book readers because of two book-eating pups ;O)

  2. I was given a kindle e-reader Jan of 2012 and have not touched a book since then. and only been in the library 3 or 4 times. I only care about the story, wheter it be a movie or a book. i do like to visit the library to see all the things they have now. the library above is really spectacular, ours is kind of ugly. modern not old. one thing kindle is not good for is if you like to pull out a book and read a poem you love or a section you want to re read. but I don't do either so it works for me. i know many people who love the touch and smell. another reason, is i had to go to large print books and it was hard to find the new books at the library, all the old people down here wanted the large print so they were always out

  3. Such a beautiful poem. They sure don't make libraries like they used to, our newest one is wide open and pretty bare. I'm glad Marv & Crew saw the special celebrations. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. That was a purrfect poem for that gorgeous library.

  5. I love libraries; I visit them wherever I am!

  6. What a spectacular library!

  7. Nothing smells better than going inside a library and coming out with wonderful books to read is so exciting! Love your haiku.

  8. That is PURRFECT poetry for Angel Sammy's Poetry Day. Libraries are full of fun, adventure, knowledge, ideas, and inspiration of all kinds. My Mom is a BIG reader and always has been. We have a small library at home and Mom and Dad both say they are "NO KINDLE" people - they want to hold an actual book in their hands and turn the pages with their fingers. We do think KINDLES are handy though! Thanks to you for pawticipating in Poetry Day with Angel Sammy!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  9. We have a local library and we support it even if we have yet to be back since all this Covid nastiness. Great libraries are wonderful and we need to remember the feel of a book in the hands. We do some series in e and some in paper and will stay that course. Purrs

  10. There is nothing like the smell of a new book
    During the height of Covid libraries were closed for months and months. I had no books so I signed up for LIBBY via my County Library. You could check books virtually have then sent to your iPad or Kindle. I was so thankful to be able to read. My understanding is all Libraries have LIBBY easy peasy to sign up for if you have a library card it is quick as greased lightning, if not it only takes a minute or so to get registered.

    Hugs Cecilia

  11. Great poem. I prefer actual books too. XO

  12. While my preference is for a real book, I am enjoying my Kobo (e-reader) too. It makes getting library books so easy.

  13. That is a beautiful entrance to that library. Proper books for me too!

  14. What a wonderful poem!! I am also grateful that I had a Mom who always fostered my love for reading!

  15. We love your poems. Libraries are great places to visit and that one in your neighborhood is a treasure.

  16. I love libraries! I much prefer real books too. But I finally did cave and now use a kindle sometimes too. It does save space.

  17. You are right. There is nothing like a book

  18. Our libraries are treasures.

    My favorite library story is about a general on a military base during a budget crisis was looking for ways to save money and decided to close the base library. The objections were loud and long from parents and teachers at the base school, and someone up the chain of command heard about it. The order came down that any base closing its library to save money better not keep its golf course open, either. Needless to say, no base libraries were closed!

    In our area, our library system begged the voters to dedicate a millage to the library system so they wouldn't be having their budgets messed with every year. The voters did so, and the library system responded by giving us one of the best systems in the country, always in the black, always with a reserve, while building new buildings that are state of the art. They've done a fabulous job.

    Of course, that caught the eye of the Metro Council, and a councilman made noises about diverting some of the library's dedicated funding for drainage. (Side rant, the drainage wouldn't be a problem if they'd maintained infrastructure to begin and quit letting the builders do whatever they want, even build in flood zones!)

    Anyway, the whole city about ran him out of town for that suggestion, so our library funds are safe for now, thank heaven.

    "No man's life, liberty, or property are safe when the legislature is in session." ~ Mark Twain. You can add the Metro Council to that statement.