October 05, 2021


 Hey, Mom ~ when you're done doing what you're doing, can I ask you some questions?
Sure!  I'm done now.  Ask away. 
How's come I don't ever get to have videos on YouTube like my friends?
Silly girl, "youtubes" belong in "youlitterbox"!
Well, how's come I don't get to tweet or twitter?
June, oh June, that's for birdies!
Well, how about facebook, why can't I be on facebook?
Been there, done that, they steal your life! No, no, no!
I think I need more 'splaining about that later, ok?
O.K.!  But it's still going to be a no!
And why can't I have my own IPad like others do?
But you do!  You have four i-pads!  You walk on them all day.
You're so not tech!  
One more question please?
Should I eat up or swat away that spidey on the wall that's about to fall on your head-hairs or just let it go?
Well, that's one way to get her out of my polka-dot chair!


  1. all great questions and all really good answers from Mom... way to go on freeing up your chair.. you look amazing and I always wonder how cats get themselves in tight postions without knocking stuff over

  2. We think you could be on Facebook, it isn't that bad unless the human can't handle it. As for the Ipad, we do think you should have one as they have kitty games you can get for free and our cat bro Bert used to enjoy playing them and some of us played with them as puppies too. Life can be rough with all the rules, we know.

  3. Ha ha ha ha, love the "four i-pads"! And yeah, one can do some amazing stuff with spiders. This blog is about as far as dad gets regarding social media and all that crap.

  4. Ha! Swat and then eat, June. :-)

    Great Q&A, June, loved it. Thanks for the chuckle to get me going this morning. As for social media, I heard on the news last night that there had been an outage of FB, Instagram, etc. and I didn't even know it. LOL. I do have an Instagram account, but am hardly on it anymore. And like your mom, June, I did FB for a few years, then deleted the account; ugh, enough was enough!

  5. How fun. Mom has an answer for everything and I like her answers.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  6. EEEEK on the spider!!! We MOL'd at the 4 ipads!

  7. It's so funny how the hoomans are so afraid of spiders!

  8. MOL MOL MOL June what well thought out Questions and OMCs huMom was quick with her Answers.
    Little Miss Juney sat on the table 'cause huMom was in her Chair.
    Along came a spider it made mom scatter
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. That is a lot of questions June. :) XO

  10. TeeHeeHee...That ZH has all the answers, doesn't she?!
    Arty and the Gang

  11. MOL, your mom has an answer for every question except the last one ! Purrs

  12. I would be jumping away in a big hurry too, if even there was the teeniest spider! I really do have: Arachnophobia!

    As for all that social media stuff...well I do have them but I hardly ever use them. They mostly are big time wasters and they do steal your life if you let them. Blogging is far more fun and 'human'!

  13. So many questions, June. I don't think the answers were the ones you hoped for though.

  14. That was such a fun Q & A, June. Let's do it again.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. See, now you have the answers sweet June!

  16. Wait, you tubes go in you litter box? MOL

  17. Junie, I had a spider come down on a thread right in front of my face, and I yelled very loudly!!!

  18. Heeheehee!

    You have a blog, sweet June, i promise it's plenty (and this blog is a great one, your mom is very talented).

  19. You don't want to be on You Tube. You make videos you get groupies and then they are stalking you and sleeping on your lawn. It's a whole thing.

  20. Best not to tell June that (from what I hear) cats are very popular on Instagram . . .

  21. June, you are such a comedian! LOL BOL!