November 23, 2021


 I always use my 'puter picture when I'd like you to look at what I'm looking at!

And today, I'm looking at my friend, DANI, over at O Dani Girl.

So, here's the thing ~ our hu-moms have known one another for like a bazillion years, even before "we were".  And once upon a time, the Dani Humom had another bloggie called the Three D's with Dante and Dylan and Domino, just the handsomest Maine Coons you'd ever want to see, and my humom loved them, but they had to travel over the bridge when the time came ~ and now there is beautiful Dani!  Oh, and she did another thing called Wendy's LOL Spot ~ everyone really loved it, all the puns and the jokes and silly stuff that made both pets and humans roll all over the floor with laughter, I mean she is one funny friend.  

So today ~ there's a little new LOL going on over at O Dani's place, and I think you'll find me taking part in it, cause I went over to visit ~ so comments are off on my blog here.

Just follow the link below, head over to see Dani today, 
leave a comment there, and well, LOL!