July 05, 2022


My Pick-A-Pic selections have often been those mine Mommy isn't interested in showing and sharing and that might hold true for todays as well, but these really have a very different focus.  You see these pictures represent the "NOS and DON'TS" of my life.  I hear a lot more NOS and a lot more DON'TS than any furry should ever have to hear my friends and I'm about to share them with you (how about you share yours with me?)

June, DON'T get on top of the cabinets.  It's greasy-dirty up there and I can't get you down if the fire alarm goes off!
June, DON'T get in the kitchen sink please, with dirty dishes and sharp knives!

June, please DON'T play with the mouse.  It's my mouse, not your toy mouse!
And DON'T mess with the computer either, I see that look in your eyes.

JUNE! DON'T DON'T DON'T chew on the computer and printer and phone charger cords! NO!
But Mom, these are fun. Awww, purrty please. Meow. These are nice 'n' chewy 'n' rubbery and I really like playing with these, you're no fun at all, all I hear is no, no and don't do this and don't do that and I'm just a little curious kitty cat and your things are more interesting than my things and your toys are more fun than my toys, besides what do you think I do when you leave to go grocery shopping or out and about somewhere ... maybe next time, I'll meow, "mom, DON'T go"!

June, DON'T get behind the TV, you'll disturb the antenna settings.

I just wanted to watch my show, you old meanie.
June, DON'T mess with my sneakers, I just put new laces in after you chewed the aglets off the others! 

No. No. Don't. Don't.



  1. June, I'll relive my youth by watching all your blog pictures today. I used to do all of those things too and loved every minute of it. Even with Lynn yelling at me. But I've kind of retired from those antics and do a lot more snoozing. Have fun but be careful when you jump down. Precious

  2. we have a lot of don't and no's! in our colection... but we love the idea to chew da shoe laces off ;O))

  3. You should come and hang out with Nelson, No is the word he hears constantly too. At some point, you will grow out of the "no" stage of life but then the humans will miss the days of your young mischief.

  4. sorry June, I had to laugh, when we first got Jake, he thought his name was No No Jake. I like the sound of No No June a lot... it is a good thing you look so cute while getting into mischief, the camera givers your mama something to do other than tell you no

  5. Humans have so many interesting things around the house.
    As curious cats, how could we not be interested in them ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  6. Moms use no all the time. You're going to do what you do and mom will live with it. You're worth it all.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  7. MOL MOL MOL June you might need to get huMOM a Thesaurus so she can learn some positive words to replace the negative ones.
    Ann this is such an adorable post I love it
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Really, June! If she didn't want you to mess with these things, then she should not have them where you can get at them!
    However, we are lucky that Sweetie doesn't jump up, otherwise my office desk, the shelves, and my dresser would have to be cleared of EVERYTHING!

  9. Poor June! We know your mom is only telling you no for your own safety. You do look so cute and innocent in all those pictures.

  10. It is not your fault with all those exciting places to explore, and things to chew on.

  11. You poor kitty. I am sorry you get so many no's and dont's. I get those a lot too whenever I want to adopt another cat, my hubby says the same things. XO

  12. June sure is one busy girl! The question is really does she listen to Mom when she says No? Who knows what she gets into when you're out. I think it's a sign of her intelligence that she is so curious. Dani has a thing for plastic. She doesn't eat it but wants to chew on it. If it's being recycled I just let her do it. So what if it has a few teeth marks in it.

  13. juney chowder…. noe oh fence two her, but yur momz knot
    much fun iz she…..and eye thinked de food gurl heer in trout
    towne waz bad ❤️‼️

  14. You were sure having some fun sweet June. How did you get way up on those cabinets?

  15. June, you must be in cahoots with our Angel Minko...he was an expert at all things, NO, esp those tempting snakes known as computer power supplies...
    (We actually invested in special tape that is bad tasting to kitties (And rodents), who chew cords...I think it came from a Honda site. Did it stop him?? Don't know...sadly he passed away soon after we got that stuff...)

  16. Maybe your humom needs to buy Tabasco Sauce and rub it on the things you should not chew. In the words of Dennis the Menace, it should be called Tobacco Sauce because it makes your mouth smoke!

  17. Aww, you're just having fun checking everything out, Juney. Mom's just telling you those things 'cause she loves you and wants you to be safe.

  18. Oh my June, I see that those places are tempting, but your mom has some good reasons for keeping you away from them!

  19. Gosh June you sound like a handful. Scylla and Yin get told not to barf in the house especially Dad & Mom's bed. That's more like a NOOO!!! Yin gets scolded for playing with Mom's pens, and Scylla ate a blue tooth once. Yang gets told to get off the cat food container but we all agree with that one as Yang standing on top of it MEOWING at Mom to hurry up and feed us actually slows the feeding process down as Mom has to wait until he either jumps down or moves to the dog food container. Chimera hardly ever gets told no (sigh) it's hard to get on to someone so small and cute. Tuiren gets told not to dig in the yard and not to jump fences. Fenris like Chimera hardly ever gets told No although that is mostly cause he minds. And not because he has blue eyes.

  20. Poor June! So hard to be a kitty sometimes. My mom says your mom gets extra point for using "aglets" in a sentence.
    Your brofur, Pip