September 24, 2022


This week I told mine Mommy it had been forever since I'd gotten to do a Pick-A-Pic post, so she said OK, you can do one on the weekend.  So I went through my photo files on our computer, which wasn't easy (so messy). Last time I shared all the "no's and don't's" I have to put up with everyday. This time I decided to share some "a, b, c's" since I've been learning my alphabet lately.

A ~ annoying!  I like to be annoying at times, but she annoys me sometimes, too!  
I'll lay on the day bed, and swat and hiss at her when she walks by.
She'll say, "silly June" and hiss back at me, it's kind of fun.
Or when she sits in my polka dot chair to watch a movie at night, 
I'll sit up on the top and comb her hairs, she finds it annoying, 
specially if my claws are out! Thing is, she didn't ask permission to sit in my chair,
 which I consider quite annoying.

B ~ bother, bothersome, as in "don't bother me".  Not unlike annoying actually.
When I don't want to be bothered by her, by anyone ~ 
like a stranger who has entered our apartment ~ 
I go up atop the kitchen cabinets.
No one bothers me there.
However, if I'd like to be "bothered", which does happen on occasion, like I want
cuddles or foot or treats, all I have to do is bother her by putting my butt on her
laptop and before I know it she is so bothered she pays attention.  Works every time!

C ~ cuddles.  Oh yeah, speaking of cuddles.  Much of the time, to her dismay, I am not a lap cat,
not much of a cuddler.  But there are those times ... like right after my breakfast, I jump into
her lap (she is usually already sitting at her computer).  I snuggle there for awhile and tuck my
nose into her armpit!  Why, cause her robe smells like lavender which I like.
And then some days in the afternoon, she lies down on the daybed for a little nap, 
which I totally understand, cause I very much like my naps, too.  
So, she had her phone when she laid down and she took this photo from her chinny-chin
of my tail by her arm, we were cuddling.  It was nice.  And her sweater smelled like lavender, too.

D ~ daily.  Just a few of those mundane and boring, everyday, daily things
that take place in an average cats life.  
Though it is beyond my comprehension why she had to type the word "average" before cat ~ 
since the cat we are speaking of is ME ... 
and all know I am not average!
Pawing on.  I do spend at least some amount of time every day
attempting to retrieve spring toys from under the kitchen cart (and
also the refrigerator).  It is a never ending task.
Usually she ends up getting her broom and sweeping them out for me.

Another daily chore of mine is to always smell her shoes,
when she comes in from being out somewhere.  
And believe me, they do not smell of lavender!
Then I advise her as to whether she should put
them in the window so as to "refresh" them.  
Not a task I particularly enjoy, but a necessary one.

And of course, a big part of my day is working on our computer.
Here I am looking through some of last years Halloween costumes,
this one of me as Jessie June with my pal Woody.
I have no idea what-or-who I will dress up as for this Halloween.
Maybe my friend Dani will help me?

~ meow ~


  1. June, your definition of annoying, whether you are being annoyed or are doing the annoying, is hilarious!

  2. We can't wait for the rest of the alphabet! Lee and Phod

  3. YOU are INDEED NOT "average" at all!!!! in looks, personality or actions you are way above average for sure

  4. Your being annoying totally cracks us up, Juney. We burst out laughing at the thought of you combing your mom's hair from the back of your polka dot chair☺

  5. June, you know your alphabet very well, but A for annoying or average, well it should be A for astonishing. And to think we humans are looking ahead to Halloween. In no way am I ready. Precious knows F for food and S for sleep.

  6. Our Simba, Toki and Minko were all hair groomers...Toki was esp interested in petcretary's hair after she came home from 'getting it done'...must have been the hairspray?? Who knows!! Toki also had to check out visitor's hair if he had a chance to get at it, LOL!

    What a fun post, June!

  7. We loved seeing the A, B, C, D of your daily routine, June. You sure are a cute kitty and definitely not average.

  8. Amarula thinks that B should stand for BOTHER! (as in her brother's Zulu and Frodo bother her!)

  9. Those are great choices, June. A very good explanation too.

  10. Fun post, June. I think our cats would love to add their comments on "annoying" and "bothersome".

  11. I do kind of get off on the Annoy face, June. But then that's just 'cause it's very cute. It's wonderful that you are learning your alphabet and efurrything that goes along with that. You definitely are not an average cat. You are very intelligent and spicy!

  12. Those were good sweet June. The Dad always has to help Kiki find her spring toys.

  13. C is for cute which is why we can get away with being annoying and a bother

  14. We love the first four letters of your day, Juney! C for Cuddles was our fave. :)

  15. Ah, you have very busy days. Keep going through the alphabet when you feel up to it, that was fun.

  16. That was a very sweet alphabet, June, we don't know what annoying is...yet, as we are focused on Granny, we go wherever she goes, it's a food thing...MOL😸Double Pawkiss🐾😽💞