September 16, 2022


This image was meant to be our Caturday art picture for tomorrow, but somehow it seems to fit my mood and feelings today.  
And now I also plan to skip posting tomorrow anyway ~

In many ways it has been a difficult week.  It may seem a bit silly to some, but I personally was quite saddened with the death of Queen Elizabeth II and watched all the pomp and pageantry of the ceremonies for her.  Ever since my grandmother had brought me miniature Buckingham Palace Royal Guard replica toys as a seven-year old, all things royal have fascinated me over the years.

But so many other things, much closer to home and heart happened this week.

I began designing Forever Memory images for pets who had crossed their Rainbow Bridge perhaps ten years ago, or more.  Many from early days were lost due to computer crashes, no cloud or other back up systems.  Since 2015 though all have been carefully saved and number well over a thousand. Mostly cats and dogs, but there is the occasional bunny, bird, hamster or guinea pig among them.  And there have been our human friends as well ~ the ones who actually do the blogs, faces sometimes hidden, sometimes not known at all, other times known very well.  Speaking to us through their pets, and from their hearts.  People we rarely meet, but connect with.
And sometimes, with great sorrow, I am asked to make an image in their memory when their time arrives to cross the human bridge.
These images are not easy and are most difficult when they are known to me and then the heartache of loss becomes more real and personal. Yet whether I am familiar or not with person or pet, every image takes a bit of my own heart away as the loss touches me in a way I cannot fully describe. Many were lost to us this week, without pomp and pageantry.
And for others this week, including myself, memories of past loss came to the forefront. With all came sorrow.

Our Rainbow Friends
remembers the pets lost to us during August.

Carole from Katie Isabella
is grieving the loss of her son, Erich to cancer.

Ellen from 15 and Meowing
is mourning the loss of her sister, Vanessa to cancer.

Sharon from Friends FurEver
lost her dear husband, Bill to cancer, five years ago this week.

This coming Sunday,
it will be ten years ago, that my husband, Vic
passed away following his long battle with cancer.

It was not my intent to focus on cancer, it just happened that way.  
But it is a pervasive evil in so many forms, attacking indiscriminately.
And many fight against it even as I write. 
This week, yes, it has been close to home and heart.
Please be kind and generous to those whose hearts are hurting.
Thank you.
We step away now for a few days, returning on September 19.



  1. we agree.... sometimes it is nearly impossible to post something funny if our heart is heavy.... we fell like the poor clown who tries to paint a smile on his face... I'm honest I cried for HRM, there is more than her life what ended that day.... sigh...

  2. Yes it has been sad seeing so many beloved pets and humans cross the Bridge over the years.
    I can only imagine the toll it takes in creating those beloved memories you create so beautifully.
    Now, a gracious Queen has crossed her Bridge and leaves us with fond memories.
    You must allow yourself time as well as you remember the anniversary of your husbands passing.
    Julie and I send you much love and hugs and happy memories of your years together.
    Take the time for yourself as you are important too!
    Hugs,Nancy and Purrs from Julie

  3. It has been a very heart-heavy time, we agree, and we send our deepest sympathies to all who are grieving any loss.

    I bawled when I heard the Queen had passed, and I'm largely indifferent to the monarchy. But we never will see anyone quite like her again, and whether one is interested in the royal family or not, 70 years of grace, dignity and duty deserves our respect, IMO.

    As for Carole's and Ellen's tragic losses, I can only imagine their pain, as I have neither children nor siblings. I do know grief, but none of us ever can know quite what an individual is going through, as our pain is our own. My prayers to them, and to all. ♥

  4. thanks for all that you do, and hugs and love coming your way on the 10th anniversary of your husband. each time we hear of the death of a pet or human loved one of our blog friends, our hearts feel together with their hearts even though we do not know them.

  5. We send you lots of hugs, Miss Ann♥ Thank you for all that you do for so many♥
    We have been watching all that has been going on with the Queen and we feel a huge sadness too. We will be watching her funeral on Monday with lots of tissues nearby.

  6. Hugs for you as you approach this very sad anniversary.
    I also shed tears for the Queen. She has been a guiding light who has never shied away from her duty. I had tears for Carole and Ellen too, There is too much sadness in the world.

  7. Life is so cruel sometimes, and the sadness piles up way too fast. Thank you for doing all that you do for those who are hurting, those little tokens made with care and love mean so very much.

    I, too was feeling bereft of some my own Canadian heritage, as part of the commonwealth, with the passing of HRM Elizabeth II. She was a part of my life all my days till her death...and I even had the privilege of seeing her up close once when she visited our town.

    My heart goes out to Carole and Ellen, and also to you and Sharon as you remember your own losses.
    I can add my own mother to that list, she passed on Oct 1, 2005...also from the devastating effects of cancer treatments.

    Bless you, Ann and June with you. Hugs, loads of them.
    ((((( ♥ )))))

  8. Yes, such a sad time. The images you design from your heart touches so many at a most important time. Thanks for all you do.

  9. June what a respectful and purrfect photo. You are such a caring kitty
    Poppy Vic would have loved you and your mind's eye pictures him smiling on all the joy you give to his beloved Ann. So much sadness this is never ready.

    Power has been out all morning: According to power company "outage due to an object falling on lines" aka somebody ran into a tree or pole knocking out power
    Charlie is 100% outside kitty but very tame. He tried to give me a gift of making biscuits on my hand by inviting me to rub his tummy. I told him he could not draw me into his clawy web.
    Hugs and tender thoughts

  10. Oh my- I remember watching the Queen's coronation- and I also remember reading a book as a kid about hos she and Margaret grew up! Thanks for all that you do!

  11. Hugs and purrs, on this special remembrance time for you personally, and for our blogging friends who are suffering new heartaches right now.
    My father didn't die of cancer; he died from the stuff that killed the cancer.

  12. We understand the feeling of sadness. Take some time and come back to us refreshed.

  13. ((((hugs)))) We've always been amazed at how you can do the Rainbow Bridge badges. It has to be so hard.

  14. Hugs and purrs from us. I have been saddened of late by the losses to the online community, as well as losses in my immediate surrounding community. The loss of the Queen affected me too, she was part of the world as I know it for so long. Thank you for making all the beautiful remembrance images.

  15. You are suffering from what is called "compassion fatigue". It certainly can be draining to do so many memorials and to have the anniversary of your own loss so close. Please take care of yourself dear Ann. Our paws are crossed for you, and we send warm hugs to wrap around you in comfort.

  16. I am sorry you lost your husband so young to evil cancer. This has been a sad year. XO

  17. This is so beautifully written. Thank you for the beautiful memorials you create! And I feel the same way about the Queen. I've always been fascinated by the Royals and have been watching everything I can over the past week.

  18. I completely agree with you. And, yes, it has also been a very hard, sad week for so many. But somehow we have to move on, one step at a time. Sending you lots and lots of hugs. ♥♥♥

  19. Very well said. As a writer of many tributes to the fallen it can be draining, but it is appreciated and worth it. The bhuman ones are the hardest. Thank you for what you do.

  20. It certainly is a sad confluence of events, past and present. My thoughts are with you, as I know you suffer every time you must report a loss in the Cat Blogosphere. Of course, the most devastating loss is your own. Ten years have passed but the sadness remains. I hope you feel Vic's presence tomorrow in a comforting way. Hugs to you and June.
    Love, Wendy XOXO

  21. There feels like there has been so much loss. The Queen was our head of state (now it is the King). We send our love to those whose hearts are hurting right now. Back from our break Lee and Phod

  22. So much sadness. We are forever grateful for the compassion and empathy you have for so many, to bring a bit of light to the darkest times. Thank you, Ann, and love and gentle purrs to you at this very sad time.

  23. My heart aches for all your losses, and theirs. This week i lost a dear friend. You will be in my prayers.

  24. This is really a beautiful post, that reflects your beautiful heart and soul that has and continues to touch my heart and soul, and I'm grateful to you that - Sometimes I feel like it gets lost ...

    But it has been a hard time lately. Along with the 3 losses of our dogs in the last 2 months, (George on Friday) I've lost personal, longtime friends. It puts it all back into perspective, doesn't it? It makes me want to hold onto people and those relationships that much tighter. ❤

  25. Thank you dear friend for remembering my first born with me. He went through so many episodes until it became too much for his brave heart, XXX