June 03, 2023


No!  I'm not coming out to play
Yes!  Under this chair I plan to stay

Yes!  I see my sparkly spring toy
but I also know it's simply a ploy

You can't trick me you know I'm too smart for that
Yes I am!  meowed June the cat 

Go ahead now.  Take all the pictures you wish
For my paws will not move, my tail will not swish

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Next, pick one of these pictures 
do your photo-shop thing
Then hop over to Caturday Art 
it's now in full swing


  1. lets see a closeup of the sparkling toy, looks like something i want to see better. Yes, i love seeing you most of all, June but I like sparkly things too

  2. I keep getting error messages on various blogs so am trying again. Everything connected with Google (which is most things) is running so slow!
    You posed nicely and your art is lovely, June.

  3. June, you are a Muse to your meowmy; poetry and cute pics, to share with us.

  4. I love your poem, Juney, and you are a very smart girl!

  5. That was a great poem, Juney, and we always love seeing your beautiful self. :)

  6. Oh June ~ you are so photogenic ~ awesome photos of you ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. My tail will not swish! I loved it--wonderful poem June!

  8. Strong design, some 😎 cool Caturday art, along with a little feline poetry of non-cooperation. Purrfect!

  9. Loved the painting of June. All of the pictures are sweet beyond measure. And I compliment your poetry for being so complementary.

  10. You are such a cutie, June. We love what your mom did with your picture.

  11. You are very talented under there sweetest June!

  12. Some days you have to set the terms yourself!

  13. What a cute poem, June! And the pics are lovely too.