September 13, 2023


This is our little table.  It's sort of an everything table, for eating ... for sitting at to look out the window, for sitting at to pay bills or do yuk-stuff like that!  Sometimes I lay on top in the evening when mine Mommy is done with her day stuff.  But most of the time we share the table together throughout the day.  She sits on one side, doing all the computer stuff like our my blog, a post, research or visiting other friends blogs.  Or making special badges each month, all those kinds of things.  Sometimes we're there at the table most of the day ~ me sitting in this chair on the other side, you know, making sure she gets all our my work done.  Lately, though I've noticed she doesn't like to sit there too long, she gets all fidgety and gets up and down a whole lot.  So, she asked me if it was okay if we took a little break from our my blog until she felt better.  I'd already noticed that she hadn't taken me visiting to my friends for many days, and we both felt badly about that, so I told her, "yes, mine Mommy ... let's take a little break, both of us ... until you feel better and we can go visiting again, too.  I'll miss my friends, but they'll understand ... when you have a seat at the table, you should be polite and participate in the conversation ... "  
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