September 27, 2023


I strongly object to the Wednesday Word today and am not inclined to add it to my voCATulary.  It's simply not fair.  And before even going further, I suggest you look at my "Happy Tuesday" picture, posted yesterday, before coming to any conclusions.  After all, I could just as easily (if'n I had thumbs) go through all her personal photo files and find the most unflattering pictures to post!  Would I do that?  Of course not!  (MEOW, well maybe I would, if'n I had those thumbs and she was outta the house long enough ... MEOW)  And that's what's going on here, she just found this one photo ... one photo ... that well ... remember, fair is fair.

Excuse me, June.  I must interrupt and beg to differ.  You are still in KittenGarten and learning a new word every week is your responsibility, like it or not. Your word today is DIET.  Let me tell you what it means as that's impawtent:

DIET [noun] 1) the kinds of foods that a person or animal eats, 
and 2) a special course of food to which one restricts oneself often to lose weight
And little one, at your most recent annual check-up it was pointed out to you, and to me that you had about five-extra-pounds on that cute little furry body of yours, five-pounds that just didn't belong there and it was time to do something about that!  So we are, we will.

And when did you hear me meow that I'd restrict myself?  Meow?
We are, we will ~ what's with the royal "we"?
I'm doing it for you.  I'm managing your DIET!
You're starving me.  Help.  She's starving me, my friends.  Diet, schmeit.
Where are my Temptations?  I'll bite her toes at night.
Winter is coming, I need those five-pounds.
That's a "fake" photo, friends.  It's AI-generated, fur sure.
It's not even really the real me in that picture!
I need a new vet.  I need a new mine mommy.
Send food.
Soon I'll be too weak to blog ... what's a kitty to do ...


  1. June, I am feeling your pain. I am also up five pounds and trying to lose it. we will starve together. I think it will be tough on both of us, but you might have a better chance because you can't get your own food and I can... I will think of you each time the fridge calls my name.

  2. Dear June if those five pounds don't belong on you where the heck are they supposed to go? I hate it when my mommy says I need to lose weight. I don't want to lose anything I don't have that much stuff you know.

  3. The Hubby judges cat rotundness by placing his hands around a cat. If fingers touch, we are good (Manny). If they don't, then someone needs a less chow (CB).
    So sorry that your glorious zaftig figure has been put on display like this, June.

  4. Your mommy just wants to make sure you are healthy, June. We think our word for your picture is "cute".

  5. Charlee: "La la la la la la I CAN'T HEAR YOU la la la la la ..."

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no June....I 100% agree with you. What an unfair photo that was snapped.
    You are very furry and in that position gravity shifts the tummy into odd positions.
    If I could smuggle food/treats via Blog comments I would
    Hugs cecilia

  7. Just be glad it wasn't ten extra's that that vet purrson wanted you to shed.

    Mnd you, you do look like that image was taken when you were is a compromised position...

    Dalton could shed at least five of those same things, so maybe we can do it together? Like a contest?!

  8. I'm sorry June but I have to agree with your mommy and the vet. I am sure a lot of it is camera angle, but you do look a bit chonky. We all want you to stay healthy so better to lose a bit now.

  9. Well June, I know a couple of kitties who will soon voice the same objections!

  10. We were going to send you our supper, but unfortunately we ate it all. We also have a suspicion that are bowls are just a wee bit light these days.... XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

  11. Yikes, DIET is a four letter word and a scary one!

  12. You don't need a diet. You are purrfect. XO

  13. That is not a very fun word of the day, Juney. But we know that Mom loves you so much wants to keep you healthy!

  14. You are perfect just the way you are, Juney.

  15. Totally adorable, anyway you look at it. 😻

  16. I don't like dieting, either, but it's for your good health and you will feel better with the pounds gone.

  17. And I forgot to say, do not lose them. Things we lose, we want to get back. Banish those extra pounds from the kingdom of your body!