June 20, 2024



So, there I was, resting comfortably at the foot of our bed, waiting patiently for my nighttime brushies.  Finally, mine Mommy was ready and I got in pawsition, beside her, my paws gently on her, ahem-meow, those chest-parts.  All was right in our world and I meowed, let the brushies begin and so they did and I was happy.

A moment or two later, I saw the RED DOT!  
How exciting!  Of course I had to catch it!  One always wants to catch it!
But in a millisecond our worlds turned upside down and inside out.

The brush went where no brush should ever ever go.
I screeched.
My paws with claws went where they should not have gone.
Mine Mommy screamed.
We both twisted.  We both turned.
My jaws clamped down hard on that arm with the brush and the
brush fell to the floor and mine Mommy leapt up,
running toward the litter-loo room and I ran too, I don't remember where!
The RED DOT still flashed.

I kept my distance, watching.  Watching as she washed that arm, dripping red.  I didn't understand.  Then a band-aid, and another and another and even more.  And all the while, that tempting RED DOT kept flashing.  It was all so very strange.  Finally she stopped playing "doctor", and pulled her nightshirt over her head.  OMC!  

A funny little box was attached to her, to those chest-parts and it had the flashing RED DOT!  That wasn't my RED DOT, the one I loved to chase around the house, oh noes. Then I saw her with some tape, tape it back into place and she pushed a little button and the RED DOT stopped being RED and all was right with our world again.

The next day mine Mommy took all those band-aids off her arm.
She has a really cool Connect The Dots game on her arm now,
and it's very colorful, too!
Original artwork by June, not photoshopped!

But we came to a little agreement that we'd forgo brushies for a
few days, I said that was OK.
I told mine Mommy I was sorry 'bout everything.
Mine Mommy told me she was sorry 'bout everything.
We told each other we still loved each other
a whole lot and we were very thankful to have one another.


  1. Oh, that is a bummer! Gramma has a cat who has done the same thing to her, but not over a red dot. She heard a noise and got frightened and pushed off on Gramma. She caused such a mess on her leg, Gramma had to go to the doctor to get something to help the wound heal. Kitties and doggies usually love the red dot, but we are not allowed to ever use it here. Mom read about how addictive it is which is true and not a good thing for us. We are back to chasing squirrels and things instead.

  2. Wow! what a tale! so glad no REAL harm was done and in bad falls and broken bones. slashes by paw are bad enough. Beaus paw is the size of your head, June and he scratches bob with it when laying down on his lap. we have a lap blanket that he puts over his legs. if he would wear longer shorts that would work. Hope the wounds heall quickly and watch out for infection... poor June and Mommy

  3. Dearest Ann,
    All of us Cat Parents have seen blood drawn from us... never mean but it sure does happen!
    It also can hurt so much when they strike us... that afterburn.
    But there is love from both sides and it heals quickly.
    June will once again enjoy her brushies!
    Mariette + Kitties

  4. We understand about red dots on chest parts. Thank goodness it wasn't too bad and you and your mommy are back on friendly and loving terms, Juney.

  5. A simple case of mistaken identity, June.
    Hope your Meowmy heals quickly.

  6. June, that sounds like for a few minutes it was a little crazy at your house. And a lot painful. Poor Mommy having to put bandages on to stop the bleeding and then the next day you know how hard you have to pull to get a Band-Aid off. It hurts. But I know she loves you and hope that red dot on her chest means that things are okay.

  7. we hope everything heals up and you two are still the best friends... hugs and potp

  8. That sure was a scary episode with the red dot, June. We're glad you and your mom are both okay now.

  9. Yikes, that had to be super scary. We're glad you are all okay and that you made up.

    I am very sorry. Never in all my crazy imagination would I have thought the heart monitor would go crazy like that.
    It must be quite senstive since June's paws caused this event. Very thankful you and June made up...and have come to the decision not to brush for a while.
    Sending lots of healing purrs and hugs to you both

  11. Charlee: "Troublesome red dot! We hope they give her a green one next time!"

  12. This just made me smile so much. The Johnsons and Sunny Lab (angelsBarkley, Abby, and Lorelei)

  13. Oh my, I'm so glad that all's well that ends well. Those red dots are apt to show up just about anywhere I guess. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  14. What an unhappy coincidence that your heart monitor flashed a red dot just like June's toy! It sounds like she left some major ouchies. At least you stopped the bleeding. Poor Ann, it's all not going your way lately. Here's hoping the red streak is at its end.

  15. That was scary for both of you. I am glad you have both made up again. She knows it wasn't your fault, nor hers either

  16. Goodness, what an unfortunate series of events. So sorry you two, I hope all is well now.

  17. We understand that sometimes we all react to things, not understanding what they are. At least now you know what the red dot is on your Mama's chest, and not to freak out with it, right? And your Mama knows to hide it! We love you both and are glad you are both ok. XOX Xena and my pack and my Mommy

  18. That must've been so traumatic for both of you. It was just an accident, and love conquers all!

  19. Gosh ! At first we were puzzled how the red dot got going if Mommy didn't know about it, so we are glad you explained and neither of you got too badly hurt. Our huMom wears one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up" things and if it gets turned around the light can be seen flashing red (if there's no reception) or green. But we are all older kitties and don't play red dot. Purrs

  20. Glad your mommy is forgiving. I hope she is OK. XO

  21. Oh dear, that must have been a frightful moment for both of you. We hope Mommy's heart monitor is OK, Mommy is OK, and June is OK. And one more thing, we hope all the boo boo heal well. Hugs.

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  22. Oh, dear. It's amazing what mischief a small medical device can do.

  23. Those heart /holter monitors can be very tempting...sorry about that, Miss June..not YOUR red dot.
    Hope your Mine Mommy will heal up quickly from all the ouchies from that 'event' and I am glad you and her 'made up'!

  24. Oh my, that was a scary episode for you and your Meowmy both June! I'm glad things turned out okay and hope all will go smoothly for both from now on!

  25. Oh my cat! That was quite a red dot story neither of you will likely forget any time soon. 😻

  26. TBT: Just saw this. So sorry for missing it earlier. That must have been scary for both of you! I get the occasional ankle or arm clawscrapes when a lapcat is startled and jumps away, but fortunately I still heal quickly. Hope you are healing well yourself.