Starving Artists Fund

Since I began blogging in 2007, I've created PhotoArt for other bloggers.
Although my main focus has been on those who blog about their pets,
my photoshop work has also included some who blog on
a variety of subjects. Over these years, my photos files have
grown to thousands of images designed for others.

Time, energy and, I believe, imagination and talent go into each and every
graphic image created.  Zoolatry PhotoArt has become
recognizable to many.  Zoolatry PhotoArt is one-of-a-kind, always
designed to complement the look and feel of your own personal blog,
to visually help tell "your own story".  It is unique and unique to you.
Though images had always been created on a
complimentary basis, as of January 2012
we have a small fee
for our graphic design services.

Special images and sidebar badges, specifically for
Purrs 'n Prayers, and in memory of our Rainbow Bridge friends
will continue to be designed, on request, without charge.
Please email us for pricing at any time.
Thank You.