A slightly altered version of The Story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, originally written in 1837 by Robert Southey.
Once upon a time, there was a little feral kitten named Charlie. She went for a walk, out of the woods and into a human yard. Soon she saw a human house and a human front porch. She pawed at the door, but no one answered. Then she noticed many colorful bowls on the front porch. There were three bowls of porridge (er, kitty foods) and Charlie was very, very hungry. "This yellow bowl is just too small and I'm not quite sure about tuna with garden greens," she exclaimed. But she tasted a bit just the same. "This green bowl looks about right," she said, "tho I've never had chicken in gravy". But she tasted a bit just the same. "And this really big blue bowl is full of crunchies which sound funny when I eat them," she whined. But she tasted a bit just the same. Then Charlie thought to herself, "why this porridge (er, kitty foods) is certainly tastier than the lizards 'n bugs ' n leaves I've been eating." So Charlie went back to the small yellow bowl, and she went back to the medium size green bowl, and she went back to the really big blue bowl... and she ate all the tuna and garden greens, all the chicken in gravy, and most all of the noise making crunchies! She ate so very much she fell asleep on the human front porch. When she woke up she saw two big fluffy furry flat-nosed cats peering out the window and she was very, very much frightened and she ran as fast as she could back into the woods. There in the woods Charlie took another nap, dreaming a little dream to herself, "I think I'll go back to that human house and that human porch and that very, very, very good porridge (er, kitty foods).


  1. That's beautiful Ann. :)

  2. How did the two big furry flat nosed cats feel about having Charlie on their porch? Were they at all jealous of the delicious meals that Charlie ate? Did Charlie happen to mention where Bravo and Annie are?

    You know, I always questioned Goldilocks' judgement to have gone into the bears home uninvited. But with your Charlie, I'm pleased she gobbled up all the food left on the human's porch AND fell asleep there. I hope she comes back again and with her family.

  3. What a lovely story. Purrs to the two furry kitties from us furry kitties :)

  4. Yippee!!! Charlie ate all the food!!! That is a wonderful story! Although if I woke up and saw Zoey and Maggy looking at me, I would just want to hug and kiss them all over!!! How are Bravo and Annie!!!

    You have done such a wonderful job with this little feral family!!!

    Love, Deb

  5. That was a very lovely story!

    I hope she comes back all the time.

    Purrs, Sukie X

  6. What a wonderful story, Ann.

    Charlie had two beautiful angels watching over her from the window.

  7. Aw, cute story....but will it have a happy ending like...Charlie gets a forever home, safe indoors, getting snuggles from beans! She sure is CUTE!!!=^Y^=Ty

  8. I think that was a wonderful story!

  9. we're speechless....been hypnotized by your story:)

    -meaouwy troops-

  10. I love the new design!

  11. Oh little Charlie! I hope her and her Mommy and Bravo where ever he may be, have a wonderful happy ending. I'm so glad it was your yard they wandered into.
    Hugs and Purrs,