The Zoolatry Human loves to go shopping in antique stores (junk), consignment stores (more junk), and thrift shops (junk spelled JUNK). Emphasis Ours. One item she has never found, but is still looking for is Aladdin's Magic Lantern. She says if she had the lantern and the three wishes, one of her wishes would be for the two of us to "speak human-ese" for 24-hours. These are thirteen things she says she would ask us about...

1. What are you thinking about when you wear your "big eyes"?

2. Why do you not know each other when you get hair cuts?

3. Do lizards really taste good? (Actually, better asked of Annie.)

4. Why do you eat your food one day and the next day walk away from it?

5. Why is water from the faucet better than water from your bowl?

6. Why must you wake up your humans at night?

7. Why do you think my legs are scratching posts?

8. Is it imperative for you to examine every new item that enters our household?

9. Do you like each other or are you merely tolerating one another?

10. Do you like (er, love) your Zoolatry Humans?

11. How would you feel if Annie and Charlie moved in, inside the house that is?

12. What exactly does "meow" mean?

There is no question no. 13; but rather a comment from Maggy & Zoey, "hey, as soon as she does bring that magic lantern home, let's give her the silent treatment."


  1. Water from the faucet is where you get it? What are you complaining about the fact that that's what I want to?

  2. Awwwww!

    Trixie made me get up from under the laptop, off the recliner, JUST to see her up high in the cupboard!

    And only really 4 feet off the ground, but she was very proud! She always calls out to me if she is "up high" and I have to come and admire the achievement.

    I just love the magic lamp!

  3. Anonymous7/10/2008

    Yes! Lizards realy taste good!!

    Mom's hoping to find the magic lamp, too... Or at least her Prince in tarnished armor.

  4. You don't have to give her the silent treatment just switch to another language she doesn't know. Beans are so silly thinking they could ever understand us cats. We were born to be mysterious. ~Socks, S & C

    Alasandra ~ I understand Socks, S & C very well they are SPOILT ROTTEN. All they do is complain and swear eternal devotion if I'll feed them.

  5. Anonymous7/10/2008

    Zoey came up with one: "Since Maggy and I own this place, why are you coming up with all the questions?"

  6. Oh, a magic lamp! That could be a lot of fun!!! Be sure to ask the right questions!

  7. We hope your mom finds that magic lamp soon. When she does, maybe she could lend it to our mom...she's always saying she wishes she could understand "cat talk."

  8. Did she jus say bwing Annie and Charlie to da insydes???????

  9. Ha ha ha! That is so true. If she gave you the ability to speak human, you would probably have better things to do than talk to her. :P

  10. Great questions but I bet even if they could talk all you might get is "no comment".

    purrs, Goldie

  11. I wish I could really have a deep conversation with my mom about tuna, and why can't I have it all day, every day?

  12. I am very sorry, but that information is highly classified.

  13. Ha ha! That's just what I'd do too - not a peep :O)

    Purrs, Sukie X

  14. If you find the magic lamp, you'll be disappointed. It will spoil the mystique of your girls.

  15. Mommy says she woulds love to know the answer to #4...

  16. Well, since we Himmies like to talk in our own language and keep our moms guessing what we are up to, I don't think we would answer the questions even if we could. Part of the fun is to keep them guessing.

    By the way, my Mom says if you ever get the answer to #4, to please let her know.

  17. What IS that face you're making Miss Zoey? It's quite unique.

    Your humans have wonderful questions for you. Now you have my mom pondering on what she'd ask us. Your question number 4 also puzzles our mom. She thinks it's quite unfair.

    We like question number 11 the best. WE are hoping you would say, "Hey, what took you so long to come inside?"

    My mom is wondering if Zoolatry humans were to shave Annie and Charlie, if Maggie and Zoey might not think they were long lost family that seem almost familiar. Although Charlie and Annie most likely wouldn't be too happy to try the experiment.

  18. Thank you for giving me birthday cards~! I have already put on my blog~!

  19. That's a good one I'll have to steal.

  20. The silent treatment!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha I love it!! You girls are just too funny :)
    Those are questions Mom would ask too :)
    Purrs Mickey