Charlie (a/k/a Charlotte) is now most likely two-and-a-half months old. In the top picture in particular, you can see how her ear was clipped by the vet who spayed her (that is done to all ferals we learned). She's getting braver all the time, and when she's hungry -- well, look out! Or if she's ready to play, well, everyone knows how playful kittens are. She came towards my wiggling foot the other day and I've no idea who was more shocked and surprised when she touched my foot in passing... she jumped and ran. I, with camera, promptly took an award winning photo of my kneecap. Her mom Annie, is still much more shy... but then Annie has been on her own, as a feral, for possibly close to two years, so learned not to be very trusting of we humans. But we are "working" on her... "working" on both of them actually, gathering advice from hither and yon... and hoping someday to truly tame our little Annie and Charlie.


  1. Anonymous7/11/2008

    We did not know about clipping their ears. At least Charlie and Annie are still coming by!

    We've been enjoying all the Zoolatry graphics we've been seeing! You are very talented, Ann!

  2. Oh how adorable Charlie is! She looks so excited to have her very own toy!!! You are doing such a wonderful job with these lovely ferals!!!

  3. Those are sweet pictures of little Charlie :) Patience and kindness will go a long way towards gaining trust. I am happy you are not giving up!!
    Purrs Mickey

    PeeEss: I will make sure to remind Mom about my blogoversary late next month and my gotcha day in late September because I want a picture done by you :) Purrs

  4. How wonderful. I am sure you will have them tamed and domesticated very soon. You are wonderful, ZH, to be taking such good care of your little feral family!

  5. Charlie is very cute! :) She and her mom are lucky to have you looking out for them!

  6. My human takes many award winning photos of her feet and knees--particularly those with a blurry beige streak or a brown streak in them.

  7. Very nice!

    The ear-clipping seems pretty mild in comparison to what some other cats have been through. To be healthy and cared for is so important, even if it is from afar.

  8. Charlie is capitol "A" dorable!


  9. We think it is so great that you are taking care of Charlie and Annie. If you keep doing what you are doing, it will be no time before both of them will come running to you instead of running from you!

    Zoey is/was a feral so we know what you are going through.

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  10. Such a lovely kitty! Such lovely photos too :O)

  11. Every time I visit your blog my heart is touched and warmed by your beautiful indoor and outdoor kitties!
    I am so glad Annie and Charlie are sticking around. I hope you can snuggle with them soon and that Maggy and Zoey won't be too jealous.
    Thank you for the Birthday wishes for Billie! I can't believe she's 13! I remember holding her when she was a tiny ball of fluff. (sniffle)
    The years really fly when you love someone.
    Hugs and Smoochies To You All,

  12. Little by little, you will become a cat whisperer... the Feral will love you soons enough. :)

  13. That's quite a chunk of ear!
    Jazper just has a little nick out of his ear from when he was a feral.
    Charlie sure is a sweetie!
    Not The Mama

  14. Have you considered getting some interactive toys for them, like feathers on a fishing pole, etc? I think that will encourage them to come close to you and play with you. Over time, they will associate you with fun, and food.

    Also, if Charlie does not have one yet, for sure get her one of those track balls inside the plastic circle thingeys.

  15. Charlie is so cute and she looks like she is having great fun! We bet you can tame them both!