We'd like to introduce Arthur, our NOMS special friend. Our Zoolatry Humans do not like him too much as he makes many holes in the yard. It also concerned us a great deal that he frequently steals the food left for Annie and Charlie on our front porch. So, we invited him in to visit recently, and it turns out he's an O.K. kind of guy.
"I've never seen a Jaguar, Nor yet an Armadillo dilloing in his armour,
And I s'pose I never will." Rudyard Kipling, The Beginning of the Armadillos
Some things Arthur has told us about himself, over the last few days of our growing friendship:
Armadillo is Spanish for "little armored one".
The most common in the U.S.A. is the nine-banded armadillo who range across the south central states from their homes in Texas north to Kansas and east to Florida.
During the Great Depression, they were often called "Hoover Hogs" as down on their luck
people would eat them as they didn't have the infamous "chicken in every pot".
(Our human wonders if we're headed there once again... armadillo appetizers anyone?)
In 1995, they were named the state small mammal of Texas.
(Our human rather wishes they would go back there.)
An armadillo can inflate its tummy and float across water and they can hold their
breath for six minutes or more.
(Our human wonders if they could perhaps float across the Indian River.)
It is said that an armadillo without its shell resembles a rabbit.
(Can you picture Arthur in an Easter basket? Didn't think so!)


  1. Arthur is a great NOMS! Too bad he does not have beautiful furs like you two!

  2. Anonymous8/05/2008

    The only time we've seen an armadillo was in the middle of the road. They weren't moving much. At all.

  3. We have Armadillos dig up our yard sometimes, the beans get mad at them.

    Arthur is still invited to our NOMS Party, we hope you will come if you can and bring friends of any species. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  4. Thanks for introducing Arthur. I am not so sure I would get that close to this NOMS.

    Mom says she prefers fur kitties!

  5. WOW!!! That is an awesome friend! I have never seen one of those before :o Cool!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  6. It's very nice to meet you Arthur! Our Dad has said many of the things your human has about them! But we know your armadillo would never do any of those things!

  7. Maggie and Zooey
    What a cool fwiend!
    I've nevewe seen an awm a dillo..I'd like to see it's inflated tumy..awe you coming to the pawty at Sock's house?he could float in the pond
    smoochie kisses

  8. Hi! We are back blogging again cause Mommy got home from Texas. Did she ship you that armadillo??? She saw lots of them in Texas!!!

  9. Interesting. River the Beagle has an anteater for a friend and you two have an armadillo. Highly unusual but interesting. We're glad you made friends with him.

  10. Happy NOMS Day! We have armadillos around here, too. A park ranger told us once that they are sometimes called "Bear's lunch pails" because the bears eat the inside and leave the outer shells. Yuck!

  11. Cool friend.....he came with his own cat protection!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  12. Happy Noms Day, Maggy and Zoey!
    We are very happy to have you as friends, even if you are of the same species, hohohohohoho!
    Mrs. OZ and Tintin, and Karl from his safari of course also.
    And what an unusual noms friend you have, very wonderful!

  13. Happy NOMS Day! Arthur looks like a great friend :-)

  14. Arther sure is a different NOMS friend. Neato speedo!!

    ~ Molly ~

  15. Wow, Arthur is a really unusual friend to have! Hi, Arthur!