Zoolatry will return. Date: Unknown. Time: Unknown.
The Zoolatry Human has been placed on probation by her employers,
Maggy, CEO and Zoey, COO of Zoolatry, Inc.
Her purr-formance appraisal follows this post; the original review of January 2008,
currently up-dated.
The Zoolatry Human has spent the past several days using extremely bad words
no kitty should ever be exposed to.
The Zoolatry Human has spent an equal amount of time with leaking eyes resulting
in the wasteful consumption of untold boxes of tissues.
The Zoolatry Human had a very special computer technician come to our house,
he said his software was the same as what the FBI uses to restore data.
More bad words were heard when the FBI Data Retrieval Wizard did not work.
And more tissues were used.
Now, the Zoolatry Human has the daunting task of searching, cleaning and reorganizing her computer. Hundreds of photos and hundreds of pieces of artwork have been lost.
The Data Retrieval did not find them, but it did restore months and months of things she really does not want at all. There have been searches and advanced searchs with no success. Yesterday she viewed a total of 10,921 .jpg files yet did not see the lost ones.
Giving some thought to this dilemma, perhaps we, Maggy and Zoey, should sympathize with her, at least a little bit. Maybe bestow an extra one or two nose-taps to make her feel better. She certainly has a lot of work ahead of her.

So we will not be coming to blog or visit until all of this is done.


  1. Anonymous8/06/2008

    Yikes! That is just dreadful!!!

    Mom says your Mom may have broken the first 3 rules of computering:

    1. Backup
    2. Backup
    3. Backup

  2. oh my goodness. Poor MomAnn!! Give her a break ladies, it's tramajik. or some werd like that.

  3. Oh no! this is terrible!

    My mom just bought an external hard drive and backed up both her desktop and laptop. It was a good thing too, because the motherboard on the laptop had to be replaced and everything was reformatted.

    Let us know if you need anything, even a virtual purr!

  4. Oh no, that is awful! Your poor Mom! Purrrrrrrrsssss and ((((((hugs))))),
    Your FL furiends,

  5. OH DEAR!!! Maybe ML can help??? Mommy says that your Mommy can say all the bad words she wants in this situation!

  6. We have an another new member on TATA. Come and see!!!

  7. Oh NO!!!!

    That's dreadful!!! We are sending some computer miracle purrs over to your place!

    ~Goldie and Shade

  8. Ack :( Mommy is shrieking just finkin about it.
    We'll send lotsa purrs!

  9. Uh oh. Yes our human is with Sanjee's human. However I think our human might go puke.

  10. That is a very bad thing to happen. Tell mummy to get an external drive and back up all of her picture and important stuff - all the time.

    Actually, I work from the external drive, and I back up on another external.

  11. oh, woe! how drefful. we can just imagine the language!! ladies, please be kind to your human. such events haf been known to unhinge their puny minds completely. who would feed you and tend your litter box if she went totally wacko and had to be put in the "home for the completely nutzoid"? please tell her we sends her some calming purrs!

  12. Poor ZH! How awful!

    I'll send some special purrs your way.

  13. We is furry sorry for your nice Mom. We think you should give her a break. She is trying her best with dat FBI fancy spy stuff; it's not her fault it won't all come back!

    We will miss you furry much while you and your Mom get things sorted out. Head bumps and licks and purrs are coming her way from us orangey kittehs here at the Cheezits.

  14. Oh noes! This is very terrible and heartbreaking news. I hope everything can still be recovered.

  15. Oh noooo...that is furry bad. My mum is sending good computer vibes to your Zoolatry Human.

    It is funny you posted that Scream picture because my humans just came back from Norway and they saw the actual Scream picture in the Munch Museum in Oslo!

  16. Oh Nooooooooooossss! That's afwul! Is it okay to purr for computers - if it is we're doing it!

  17. Oh no! (((hugs))) and purrs to all of you.

  18. Oh No!!! That is terrible. We hope all ZH's work can be retrieved. We're sending calming purrs to her.

  19. Oh yikes, how horrible!!! Sending lots of good energy to get you all through this ...

  20. Anonymous8/06/2008

    Awww your poor mom .

  21. That is not good. We'll send lots of purrs and headbonks to your Mom. We hope she can recover her special things from her 'puter.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  22. We came back to check on things! Hope your computere is behaving!

  23. Oh girls, this is not good news. Perhaps taking your employee off probation would make her feel better?

  24. Oh, my! We are so sorry. We hope Maggy & Zoey won't be permanently damaged by so many bad words and tears. But we sympathize with the human. That's a nightmare come true.

    Please accept our sincere condolences on such a great loss.

  25. YIKES! I think the mom would has said MANY words from the bad word list if that happened to her. Heck, you ought to have heard her when firefox updated and lost ALL her book marks. We kittys hid our ears for a furry long time I tells ya!

    ~ Shadow ~

  26. Oh noes! Puter problems are no fun and when mum's puter acted up last year the geek people saved lots of it. But mum does backup, off site remote. She uses Mozy, Millie's mom recommended it and she used it at work too.

  27. Oh, this is horrible news with a capital "O"! Please be kind to your Human. Take her off probation and restore all her privileges. Be ready with the tissues when she needs them. Give her plenty of gentle head bumps. Poor her a couple of stiff martinis. I think most of us beans are lax about backing up at times, I know I am. If she needs to say Bad Words, just stuff your paws in your ears:)I'm sending curative computer thoughts (eh?), xxx

  28. We just came by to check in and say "hi"! Hope things are going better.

  29. Hey, Zoolatry, we gave you an award. And we hope you are okay.

  30. Uh-Oh! What does this mean for the Zoolatry human??

  31. Just stopping by to say I hope things are getting better in your computer's innards:) xxx

  32. We feel very sorry for your Mommy, we think you should cut her some slack.

    Computers are vicious beast at times that gobble up our hard work. ~Alasandra & The Cats

  33. We are so sorry!!! Our maid has Mozy remote internet back-up - which mostly doesn't work and also is gigabytes of data behind right now - and an external hard drive that she doesn't trust -
    She lives in constant terror to lose her artwork files..... She is purring with us for you!!!
    Mrs. OZ and Tintin

  34. Oh Ann, I'm so sorry - I lost my work hard drive earlier this summer...
    all my photos for the greeting cards I make were on there - gone.
    You have my deepest empathy.
    sending hugs,

  35. I am so very sorry, Zoolatry Mom. This is the most tragical thing to happen to a graphical artiste such as yourself and I'm just hoping you can find something to recover. Many nosetaps for you, my friends!

  36. It isn't quite the same as what you do, but anything we really want to keep we copy to Flickr.

    Not sure it is any help, but FWIW, anything you want to recover that has been posted could (probably, anyway) be recovered from Blogger. (It would be a nice change to have Blogger save a picture for someone, rather than losing it)

    Purrrrrring that when the dust settles, you aren't out too much work.

  37. Oh dear! I'm so sorry about that! I think compoooters are here to drive our Mummies crazy. The Giant Kitty told me that way before I came, mine Mummy had her compoooter crash on her the night before she's supposed to hand in her school assignment. The assignment consisted of more than 50 pages of words and mine Mummy had to retype them ALL OVER, in addition to procuring a compoooter and installing everything she needs in the new compoooter. All within one night.
    From then on, mine Mummy has been extremely paranoid and everything she does is backed up at least 4 times, and we have 3 external harddisks lying all around the house now.
    Compoooters are just bad aren't they?

  38. The cats' daddy had exactly the same computer problem just before we left Egypt. It was a real nightmare as he also lost all his clients data and we couldn't recover all (with those great recovery programs which recover the things you never wanted but not those you need). Hope you could get some things sorted out.

    Sorry, I couldn't find the time last week for informing you, but I passed you an award: http://chica-pumuckl.blogspot.com/2008/08/thursday-thirthdeen-updates-and-awards.html