Hey Maggy, I think the Zoolatry Human made a really really big mistake when she said that Tropical Storm Fay had come and gone. It's still here! It got stuck over the Cape.

She sure did make a mistake Zoey, but I'm glad you found our rainbrellas. Though they won't do much good cause it is still super windy.

Did you see all the flooded roads, I don't think she can get out the driveway to go visit the Zoolatry Dad! Dad will be upset for sure.

But Zoey, the hospital is at the beach and it's not very safe over there.

Well, then maybe she'll stay home today and give us lots of treats. Let's just hope they won't all be water logged.

Hey, what's all the stuff in the yard, is she gonna make us to clean up?

And the frogs and the lizards, they're all over the place, by the hundreds... this ought to be fun.

The news people told us it's now 20-inches of rain ... maybe we should just get our ark out of storage...

We would be "thankful" if this could be over soon...


  1. 20 inches?!?!?!?
    That's awful! Rain, rain, go away and stop making life awful for my friends!

  2. Yes... we are not exaggerating on the rainfall; and they are telling us that we could have another 6-8" of rain today! For a
    non-hurricane, FAY has sure been a big problem!

  3. Oh dear! We are thinking of you! :)

  4. Be carefurr with the storm and stay in your home!


    Fay go away!!

  5. 20 inches is way too much, even more than we have had. Today is only the fourth day out of twenty four that it hasn't rained, so please, please don't send us any of yours. We usually get the tail end of your storms and hurricanes . Luckily the winds aren't as strong although they often gust at 80-90 miles an hour in winter.

  6. Oh my gosh! We hope you are dry and safe! Fay Fay GO AWAY!!!

  7. A place totally without rain is probably not so great as it wold be without any plants also....
    BUT - we can offer you 350 days of sunshine...? Good enough? Come on here and live with us in Tucson, AZ.
    Karl, eagerly awaiting your Dare!
    REMEMBER: Do NOT tell it to anyone, but EMAIL it to us at
    idareyouall at gmail dot com

  8. You have a lot of rain. We had terrible floods last year. Thousands of people lost their homes. I hope your rains soon stop.

  9. Oh stay warm and dry you guys. I hope that your Momma gets to see your Dad soon.

  10. Oh no! I don't think we have had 20 inches of rain the entire year! Please stay safe.

    I hope your mom can get out and see your dad safely.

    Special thoughts and purrayers for you.

  11. Oh, what horrible and scary stuff! Just think of all that icky rain! I'm purring for you all to be safe and dry.

  12. China Cat & I are purring for all of you Florida kitties and your families that Ol' Fay will go away and leave you alone. You both look cute with your rainbrellas!

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

  13. Oh goodness, thats way tooooooo much water to deal with. Girls get your selves on a high ledge so that you dont get wet. We do hope though that Fay just GOES AWAY!

  14. YIPES!!! 20 inches of rain??? oh we hopes you stay dry

  15. Stay safe everyone.

  16. Love the masthead.

    Keep safe.


  17. Yeah, an ark might be a good idea...

  18. That's too much rain! We hope you all stay dry!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  19. Hopefully Fay will be out of your way soon. We'll be purring for you.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  20. What a cute picture of you two! We are praying that you all stay safe!

  21. We tink that is as much rain as we got all year so far! An we've had 1/8th inch or rain in 4 weeks now. All the plants is dyin...