We've been tagged - to - Wag The Tag. The rules (1) write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively; (2) link back to the person who tagged you; (3) link back to this parent post; (4) tag a few friends, or five, or all, or none at all, and (5) include these rules with your post, or have fun breaking the rules.
Because here at Zoolatry we speak more with pictures than with words, Zoey says blogging has been all positive for her, with fun and friends...
(1) I can be an angel or devil...
(2) I can be a comedienne...
(3) I can wear silly hats and play dress up...
(4) I can be a clown...
(5) I can party hard...

My Tag Wagger lives at What Lo Knows (WLK), and we'll simply tag anyone and everyone who wants to play... so, go for it and have fun. (PS sorry but we did not understand Rule #3... so we broke that rule!)


  1. Zoey, we love you whatever you are doing. Come and visit us today. It is a special post for us.

  2. As ususal, somone broke the tag while they were wagging it. I wonder if I can find out where it come from...

  3. Those were great ways it has affected you!

  4. Brilliant! Asweome and wonderful.

    You did a fantasic job here with this; so very creative. We love the photo lik of Junior.

    Thanks for playing with us and wagn that tag.

    You rock.

    -WLK crew

  5. You have been awarded the BFF gold card!!!
    Please come pick it up from todays post at my blog and follow the rules.

    Thank you for being a dedicated follower at wlk.

  6. I always haff so many cool posts to catch up on when I visit yoo guys. Maggy and Zoey are jes so beautipuss!

    Purrs and Hedbutts,

  7. Yes, blogging gives us permission to do anything we want to. It also gives our mom a chance to be creative and fun!

  8. thought yoo wud wanna knows, i posted yoor present tadeh! Noo Noos post. fank yoo so much!

  9. Hehe Excellllllllent !!

  10. Maggy and Zoey, your blog always brightens my day! Makes me giggle too especially the music on your blog! Hope you had a great day!


  11. We agree!!! Blogging is such fun :)
    Purrs Mickey