THANKFUL THURSDAY - We Are Thankful For All Of You

Y OK, OK ~ it was a brief sab-catical, but the Zoolatry Girls wouldn't leave me alone. So, like a bad penny that keeps turning up ~ we're back, at least for awhile ~ until the feet go air-up, and head goes sand-down once again.

Y It came to our attention that this week, or one day this week was apparently our Second Blogoversary, an event that was lost on the Zoolatry Human, though some kind kitteh from the Cat Blogosphere remembered.

Y No special parties, no shrimp or nip, no balloons or music ~ nothing was planned for a celebration.

Y Thinking it over these past few days, we realized we wouldn't be here without YOU ~ each and every one of you over the past two years have brought us smiles and laughter, friendship, caring and thoughtfulness and fun. There would be no Zoolatry without YOU.

Y So to celebrate the past two years, and to honor YOU ~ we offer each and every one of you our Shining Star Award. You are our shining stars ~ and we Thank You! Maggy and Zoey, and The Zoolatry Human, Ann.


  1. Oh how nice! We know we are relatively new friends but we are sure you won't mind us taking the badge with pride. Thank you for such kind and wonderful friendship in the time we have known you.

    Mom sends special love to grandma too - we are sending purrs and prayers each day for her.

  2. So good to have you back. We hope you enjoyed the sabcatical, even though it was a short one.

    Happy Second Blogoversary!

    Thank you so very much for the wonderful award. What a nice way to celebrate. We're very thankful and honoured to have you as our friends.

    Purrs from your friends,
    Cliff and Olivia

  3. hurrah! thanks! it's booootiful! we puts it on our side bar!

  4. Happy Second Blogoversary :-)
    Thank you,
    for the BEAUTIFUL award ....
    We put it on our blog !!

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  5. Thank you and congrats on your anniversary...have fun on your sab-catical.

  6. Aha! We can see why you weren't away long. You've had to change those long multi coloured socks of yours. Go on, admit it, the seagulls pecked holes in the other ones and tickled your toes. Thank you for the award. We will put it on our awards page.

  7. Happy Blogoversary to you, my friends!

  8. We are glad you have not gone away. We understand the time it takes and that Blog block happens to us all. Your lovely graphics delight every one on the CB! You are so generous and and giving that we would miss you terribly. When Mom gets time she will post this loveluy award. Right now grandsons are taking her time!

  9. Oh happy blogoversary. Here, let's share some ham too!

  10. Thank you for the Shining Star Award....we will proudly be displaying it on our blog.

    Also we totally LOVE your new header!!

  11. HappY BlogaversarY

    I am furrY happY fur woo too...

    I mean fur khats, woo are prettY khool!


  12. How sweet. Good to see you back, Zoey & Maggie.

  13. Thank you!! You were one of the first cats and humans we met when we first starting blogging. Your kindness of sending us pictures to use has always been appreciated! We love visiting you, Maggy and Zoey...you two have always put a smile on our faces!

  14. That is so nice of you. As always, it's great to see you back! Mom and I absolutely adore your new header!

  15. Happy 2nd Blogovesary to you!

  16. In the short time I have known you, there has been nothing but friendship.. I will take the star with pleasure and thanks..

    Happy Aniversary..

    Hugs GJ and Carol x

  17. Goodness, that wasn't a very long sab-cat-ical. Sorry of Maggy and Zoey bugged you so much to get back on when you are trying to take a rest. HAPPY SECOND BLOGIVERSARY. It has been extra special blogging with you around with your talent in making such beautiful pictures, like the header you of on this site now. Maggy and Zoey look so pretty with the blue flowers.

    Casper and crew

  18. Happy blogoversary!!! Where would we be without you?!

  19. Anonymous6/25/2009

    We hope that you got a little bit of rest, furriends! Thank you for the thoughtful Shining Star:) We love you!

  20. Happy 2nd Blogoversary. The Blogosphere wouldn't be the same without you...and I think none of us would look as good without your help!!!

    Thank you for your purrs for Bennette. Once things settle down, we'll post that star with pride!

  21. Happy 2nd Blogoversary!! The CB wouldn't be the same without you!

    Thanks for the beautiful award, we will display it with pride!!

  22. Thanks for the cool Award!! We shall put it on our Sidebar!! Thank you for all you do!! You have made so many cool things!! ((((((Hugs from our house to yours!!))
    Your FL furiends,

  23. Happy 2nd Anniversary! I luvs da graphic! All of you and your Zoolary hooman are pawsome, luvs you!


  24. HAPPY BELATED SECOND ANNIVERSARY!!! We get a present for your anniversary??? Wowsie! Thanks!

    Thank you so much for everything that you do!!!

    Love, uSSSSS