Meet Smokey and Carlacita (we are guessing on the "he" and "she" here)... just two of our 2010 feral family.  It all began last spring, when Porch Kitty, a/k/a PK, came to us ~ full of her kits waiting to be born.  Soon, the day came when PK and five little ones were regular visitors for meal times, naps on the porch and playtime in the front garden.  Now, in October 2010, this group has lost some, gained others.  Three of the kittens have moved on.  PK still comes, though does not interact with her young now, and may be pregnant once again. Then there is Grandpa, a chubby, somewhat tattered old grey-and-white cat, with ears that make us think of Scottish Fold cats.  And Tiger, a young and very healthy looking, wonderfully handsome cat with stripes of many colors; perhaps abandoned rather than feral from the look of him.  And Dad, although there may be two we call Dad ~ nearly identical pure black cats we cannot tell apart, and think fathered the original litter.  Getting a photo or two of any of them is very difficult as all are shy and skittish, in spite of our efforts to befriend and welcome them all.  Right now, we have neither time nor resources to manage TNR for this group, but hopefully we can keep them healthy, content and safe as we continue to feed, care for and enjoy them.
Our first feral family arrived in 2008: click here to read their story... the story of Annie, Bravo, Charlie and Delta Dawn... to this day, we miss them all, very much.  Photographs of all of our feral cats can be seen by visiting OUR FERAL FAMILY, located under Who's Who On Zoolatry on our sidebar.

Click HERE to visit Alley Cat Allies for information
on how you can help feral cats in your community.


  1. We inkhluded a link about FCD on my blog too -

    I guess Butterskotch and BroFur are somewhat in that KHATegory -


  2. You have a purrect house, it just fits you!
    Mom had two ferals here, but she had them tutored and they came inside eventually. We appreciate everybean that takes care of ferals!!
    ~ Timothy and The Bunch

  3. Purrs for feral cats everywhere.

  4. remember another post about PK and her babies, a beautiful family; they are all so lucky to have you guys...It's a shame they can't realize the good humans from the bad immediately=it would enrich their lives and yours to benefit from your love...It's amazing what loving an animal does for our health as well=they are such a great source of comfort and companionship!...As I recall, the story of your first feral family touched me deeply...hugs...J

  5. Thank you for sharing about your feral families, and bless you for all you've done -- and continue to do -- for these wonderful feral kitties.

    Happy National Feral Cat Day!

  6. Thanks for sharing about ferals, if it weren't for caring humans I could have ended up being one too.

  7. Some feral kittehs are treated better than some feral humans, but we loves them all! xxoo Bhu

  8. We are feeding two. One does not appear to be a stray. 'He' looks too sleek!