My House Is A Very Fine House
Our doll house, full of MINIATURE magic.  This house was built circa 1976 by the father-in-law of the Zoolatry Human.  It has moved through five homes and four states and today it entertains a whole new generation of children.
And sometimes, it even entertains the kitties of the house, and as Zoey says,
"my house is a very fine house".
More remarks from Zoey ~ [starting top right] ~ here I am at the front door... and there's our
kitchen, that's a favorite room of mine ~ and here is the ZH's granddaughter, welcoming me to the house!
Now I am taking a closer look at the kitchen, yes, I'm sure I see a bowl of kitty food there...
I am far from being a MINIATURE cat, but look, I fit purrfectly...
Having finished my food, I just relax a bit...
Oh yes, my house is a very fine house...
at least it was until I busted the front door! 
Please scroll down for our photos and comments on
National Feral Cat Day.


  1. Yes, Zoey, your house is a very fine house and is purrfect for you!

  2. Quite a long time ago there was a song in the UK by (I think a group called Madness) called Our House and the first line was "Our house is a very fine house".
    Thank you Zoey - I now have that song going round and round in my head!!

  3. How cute! Almost perfect for a cat.

  4. Oh yes, an ear worm. . . "With two cats in the yard"

    Great set of shots of your doll house, by the way.

  5. Our Mommy always wanted a doll house. And yours is purrfect Zoey size.

  6. What a cute house. Too bad the door got broken :(

  7. wow, the best of the miniatures--love them and very fun to play with.

  8. What a lovely remembrance of your father-in-law; that doll house is magical and joyous, made with love!...The photos are so cute with Isabel and Zoey interacting as well as Zoey's attempt to "move in" :)...Wonderful memories for many generations=past, present and future!...I hope you are feeling better every day, Ann...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. A very fine house indeed! It certainly holds a lot of treasured memories in its rooms from all the years. We have a pretty dollhouse too, and it also has a broken front door - we didn't do it - it was some little boy bipeds.

    Thanks for the tour, Zoey.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. What a very fine house indeed!

  11. Zoey, well done fitting into that gorgeous house. That is just purrfect for you. That is such a great doll house. So well made. Take care and have a fun day.

  12. That is so mini-cute in a really big way!

  13. That house is very pretty. :)

    Yay for the feral kitties! Yay! :)

  14. Oh Ann!!!
    This is absolutely beautiful!!!
    When my own girls were little, I bought one - fairly similar, which had been hand-crafted by a retired gentleman. (It cost me a FORTUNE!) It was large and heavy, but the little ones spent HOURS there! Sadly, it is gone now because I handed it to another little girl who also had such joy out of it. I am sure though, that it is still out there giving pleasure somewhere! What a beautiful thing!...and so wonderfully furnished! Hold onto it!!!
    (I was wondering...why is there a 'writing desk' in the kitchen?) :)
    If you get a chance...when is Halloween? Here in SA, it is not really celebrated - nothing much at all! So I am fascinated with all the goings on on the blogs...pumpkins, recipes, costumes, competitions, headers....
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend! I really loved the nostalgia of your post today....THANK YOU!

  15. All cats love dollhouses where even the furniture is cat-toy size!

  16. Anonymous10/16/2010

    We love your house!! Too bad about that door though.......

  17. Hey, if da door stays open, you can go in an out as you wish, like fings should be!
    As fur yur pawty tomorrow, you had me at "Temptations!"
    Purrs, Victor

    Oh! Where are your manners, Victor? Do you need us to bring anything? Just let ME know, ok? Purrs, Nina

  18. My sister bought the Playmobile "Victorian House" for my niece and every time you bought a part, you got a child figure. She ended up with 20 or so children. We took to calling it the Playmobile Orphanage as a result....


  19. Mom use to make Miniatures but has not for awhile. That is a nice house!

  20. The family is very lucky, such an elaborate doll's house. I remember I made a simple one for my duaghter and she loved it.

  21. A house becomes a home wiv a kitty in it!

  22. You bring new meaning to the term 'House Cat! What a special doll...cat house!