Hey Kitties [and woofies], Mango and Dexter are having a great contest ~ right now! 
Just click here to read the rules and enter.  And if you want to visit with
Mango and Dexter at their blog, just click here
I decided to enter cause even tho they are dogs 
there's a special entry called "KITTEHS" and that's what I am! 
First off, I went to visit Mango ~ you know he is big, really BIG! 
But as big as he is, I wasn't a scaredy-cat, cause he is real gentle and laid back. 
At 230 pounds and eating up to 15 pounds of food each week ~ I'd be like
an hors d'oeuvre to him.  By way of introduction
(I was always told it was polite to bring a gift when visiting) I took him some mangoes...
I'm a Florida girl, and around here the mangoes just fall from the trees. 
 As part of the contest, Mango asked some questions about us "kittehs" ...
I've answered a few here with words and pictures.
QUESTION: When your human calls your name do you feign interest
or outright ignore them?
Below are three of my ways to respond, or not, as the case may be.
 QUESTION: A moth is in the house.  Do you kill it and consume it,
or toy with the hapless thing, etc. ?
Consume it, not!  Toy with it, never!  Below, what I think about "other" creatures...
 QUESTION: Do you ignore expensive gifts, etc. ?
Never, ever, ever!  Wrap me, hat me, shoe me.  The purrtier the better.  More bling
and sparkle is good.  And jewelry: I must have my toof rings...
QUESTION: Do you bury your poop or build a mountain top, etc. ?
Friends, as you will note below, I am fastidious, meticulous, and whatever
other similar words you would find in a thesaurus if you looked... in short,
I am a polite cat and really prefer not to discuss poop (I've no idea who put
the word dingleberries in that photo below... horrors.)

In closing I would like to show two of my fave photos ~ and these same two
represent my mantra and my blogs mantra, so to speak:
Here I am, in the palace of Versailles, in my best Bonaparte costume:
he is famed for having said and I agree:
"Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever." 
Me, always looking for a smile or a laugh, so my blogs mantra is often
"Send in the clowns."


  1. Thanks for the noms. Most yummers (even if a bit confusing).


  2. Wow! Those are all great answers to Mango's questions!

  3. What an interesting comment. Zoey, you are just so unique and cute!

  4. Great answers. And lovely pics.

  5. Great entry, Zoey!!!! We know that Mango is most appreciative of your gift - we think he even likes mangoes. Lots of luck in the MM.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. You took a lot of time to answer those questions!

  7. You are very polite to Mango. I think it would hurt if he fell off a tree though, so I hope he does not.

  8. Us cats are MOL. You sure are silly Zoey.

  9. Zoey,those were such great answers. You made us MOL! :)

  10. That's a great entry, Zoey!!

  11. Mom is not sure she will be able to participate this year because of taking care of her Mom. She is barely able to keep our blog up!

    We enjoy watching the fun though!


  12. Zoey, we just love you. Lots.

  13. Another kitteh with catitude! This is shaping up to be a very competitive category. We'd call you a kitteh diva, but that's redundant. Good luck!

    Jed & Abby

  14. Excellent entry Zoey! Your "toof rings" made us laugh out loud! And that was a good pressie...mangoes for Mango.

  15. What a big boy that is! He looks furry cute.

  16. This was better than anything showing on TV...you should have your own network, just like Oprah!

  17. Such a great post=we love all your cool, unique and fun photos, adorable Zoey!...Your Mommy is so talented and you are the purrfect model, sweetie...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. Anonymous2/10/2011

    What an amazing kitteh you are, Zoey. Why, you may be even more amazing than myself! - Queen Tasha