Say hello to BLUTO!
This is BLUTO!  The newest member of Our Feral Cat family.  Almost named him (or her?)
PopEye, but that didn't seem to fit ~ then remembered the character Bluto, the big, chunky one
and that did seem to fit.  He's big, chubby, fluffy, white with wonderful black and charcoal markings
and a huge puffed up tail!  Extremely shy.
At first, Porch Kitty & her kids (Smokey and Carlacita)
did not welcome him at all to the feeding station.  Now they've accepted his presence.  Though
he is either timid or polite in that he waits, a bit to the side, until they have finished.
Bluto is obviously a feral as you can see from the tipped left ear. 
Since our post on the ferals last October (see the link below), only PK and her two kids
remain; the others came and went as they so often do.  We were pleased when during our recent
cold spell, they would come into the garage at night and sleep in a box cozied up on one
of our Peggy Blankies.  Perhaps sometime in the future, we can TNR, but until then
we feed and nourish them as best we can.  And we enjoy them!
Click here for OUR FERAL FAMILY post about Smokey and Carlacita.


  1. AWWW , Bluto looks like a sweetie pie : }

    He has found a GOOD home to come to, indeed .

  2. What a gorgeous cat.
    Love the patch on his/her eye.
    Beautiful markings.
    Hi Bluto... or Blutocita?

  3. Hello Bluto! Goodness he is quite handsome! Beautiful markings!

    We hope that Poppy Vic is feeling better.

  4. Bluto is lovely. What a pity he doesn't have a loving forever home ~ but how wonderful you provide for his needs.

  5. S/he is gorgeous! And looks terrific. So glad you're feeding them and providing shelter! :-)

  6. Thank you for caring for Bluto - he looks such a gentle boy.

  7. We are sure Bluto will soon realize he has found a good place to hang out. Cute baby....

  8. Bluto sounds like a sweet kitty. Mommy said something about wishing she could go in for a snorgle. We both think you are wonderful for taking care of the ferals! Mommy says hugs to you for all you do for those sweet furbabies.

  9. Indeed he has chosen the right place to come to. Here's hoping he continues and can be re-claimed. Such a treasure should not be on his/her own.

    We do our thing with the local castaways when they come, having reclaimed our carport for the Cat Porch. It's a loosing battle with the little ones, but we must continue the fight.

  10. Hello Bluto! You are gorgeous!

  11. What a beautiful kitty he is! You are so kind to care for the feral cats with all you have on your plate. Such a shame he doesn't have a forever home.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Bluto, me and mom love you. You are so handsome.

  13. Yes, enjoy them. They can give you a lot of joy. Unfortunately someone has complained and city AC is trapping cats across the street from us but they aren't going for TNR - more like "euth." And we hate that!

  14. Aw, he's a lucky kitty to have found your house!! What a good looking guy!!

  15. Bluto is very handsome.

  16. Anonymous2/04/2011

    Bluto is pretty and look at those gorgeous eyes. You are so sweet to feed him and keep places for the feral cats to come in and keep warm if they choose to. Hugs

  17. Hi Bluto, you sure are a handsome cat. You are at the right place for extra help. Did you hear about Maggy and Zoey's place along the grape vine somewhere??

    Maggy Zoey so great to hear your Poppy is home from the hospital. Purrs and Prayers still going up for him to continue getting better.

    All of you take care O.K.

  18. She/he is beautiful. They are lucky to have you. Have a great weekend and don't forget to stop by and Leave a comment for Fiona's give a way.

  19. He is a handsome kitty. We worry so much about the two outside kitties since it has been below freezing all week and then snow today!

  20. Bluto is a handsome young man...now if he would only come inside! Trust is a long battle with the feral kitties.

  21. What a gorgeous kitteh! And how fortunate that he/she has already been spayed/neutered!

    Purrs to you for taking such good care of your feral kittehs!

    If you do decide to TNR, you may need to do it soon. "Kitten season" starts in March - so Porch Kitty & her kits will be ready to reproduce soon. We have done TNR with a feral Mama and her six bebbehs, so if you have questions, send us an email.

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel (& fosters Sunny and Sky)

  22. Bluto is a gorgeous kitty with a sweet face and a very lucky one too=so glad your feral family has you guys to care for them...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  23. Hi Bluto, nice to meet you. :)

  24. A cow kitty....and we totally LOVE cow kitties!!!! We are sooooooooo purraying that he will tame up and find a loving forever home.

    Love and purrayers to all of you.

  25. Oh, he is so handsome! xxoo Patty

  26. Bluto is handsome. We are glad he seems to have polite manners at the feeding station...