Meow ... I wonder what this strange thing is.  Let me take a closer look ...
Hey, ZoZo, you look, can you figure out what it is?
 I don't know, Mags.  Looks funny, smells funny, tastes funny, too!
I remember though that this was one of Poppy's toys, he used it
all the time.  Remember ... ?
Yes, I remember.  And today we're remembering Poppy ...
it's that special day each month that we always spend extra time thinking about
him, it's what we've come to call "Poppy Day".
But is it OK to also go ask the ZH what this toy of his is?


  1. Big hugs to your Mom. We know she is especially sad today. But we also wanted to welcome her back. Hope she had a good trip.
    We want to know what that gizmo is too. Take care.

  2. Is that a blood pressure monitor, girls? We have heard that sometimes if they need to take a kitty blood pressure, they put the cuff around the tail!

    How nice to have this special day each month for remembering Poppy extra much. We are sure he is watching over all of his family.

  3. How sweet, we remember those early days with the Nana and Mommy - so tough. Thinking of you often and sending you good vibes and lots of ((HUGS)).

  4. Big purrs for your mom and you girls as you remember Poppy Vic today. We're glad to see you back, even with less floof!

  5. Big purrs for you girls and especially your mom as you remember Poppy Vic today.

    That looks like a blood pressure monitor to us. Simba is right... with kitties, they take blood pressure on our tails! We don't think that will fit on your tail, though.

  6. Hugs to your mum. And our thoughts. For some reason your Poppy was coming to our mind today too.

  7. THat is so nice to have Poppy Day every month!

  8. I love, love, love your haircuts!!! Purrs for Poppy too...and hugs!
    -- Nermal

  9. We bet you two pretty girls are trying very hard to make your Mom happy. Please go give her some kisses and snuggles from us.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

  10. Lots of hugs to you all!! Poppy Vic day is a wonderful way to remember him!
    Your TX furiends,

  11. Hugs and purrs to all of you!

    We love the spring-theme of your blog; very pretty :)

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  12. Gosh, this brings tears to my eyes. I remember when he got sick and I remember all of his struggles. Some things in life are so difficult to understand and seem to darned unfair.

  13. Hugs to all of you. We know this is a difficult day each month for you all.

    And we love your summertime haircuts! My daughter's oldest kitteh, Cabernet, has his summertime haircut, too, and he's VERY comfortable now ... no mats! (Plus, of course, it's cooler)

    Marilynn, Grace & Company