Quite a challenge today!  
For WORLD CAT DAY, we've made a "Word Search Puzzle"!
Hope you have fun with it ~ you'll find about twenty words that all speak to, 
or about the "cats 'n' kitties" we all love so much.  
Knowing that many of you can't prolong your visit to Zoolatry, after all busy kitties
have places to go and people to see ~ we've made it easier for you.  Just scroll down a little
bit and you'll find the answers to our Word Search Puzzle!  
Now there, wasn't that easy?
But wait ~ keep scrolling please, there's more ~ there's a secret message hidden
 in the puzzle above as well!  A special Thankful Thursday message to some very
special people and some very special kitties .................

 Most of you know that sweet Maggy chose to find a new home in Florida, when the ZH moved
to Maryland in late June.  So we now want to "offurcially" thank Miss Peggy, well known
by her famous "Peggy Blankies" along with Romeo, Sophie, Isis, Bob and Jeannie who all
welcomed Maggy with open arms and open paws!  Love to you all!  And we also send
thanks and love to Miss Dee, to that handsome fellow TK, and to playful Pip, who have
ever so kindly taken Zoey into their home until such time as the ZH can once again
provide a home for her.  YOU ALL ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST!

 ... and yes, all these words, and the secret message
really REALLY are in the Word Search Puzzle
(and it took furever to get it right!).



  1. What a fun puzzle! But the mom says thanks for giving her all the answers. :)

    Happy World Cat Day!

  2. What a great puzzle. We didn't see Joe but know he is there somewhere. So glad that Maggie has such a great new home. And that Zoey has such a nice temporary home. That Dee and TK and Pip are very special beings. Have fun today.

  3. PS, we found Joe. Thanks for including him.

  4. WoW! Neat puzzle. We are smiling to be included. We love you all too!
    TK, Pip and Dee
    PeeEss. Zoey says, "hi ZH, see you soon!"

  5. Hannah and Lucy whisper to Ann - Mum cheated on that name game!!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Happy World Cat Day - we will try our hand at this game!

  7. Happy World Cat Day! Thanks for the graphic Ann!

    We found nineteen words on our own! Fun :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Happy World Cat DAy! Thanks for sending us the graphic.

  9. Beautiful.
    Happy World cat Day dear friend. We hope it will not be long until Zoey can be with you again. And we know Maggy will be happy with Peggy. xxx

  10. Happy World Cat Day, friends! We are thankful for you, and your friendship. :)

  11. You have wonderful friends to take your girls in hard times.

  12. happee werld cat day everee one N we see de werd trout !!

    left korner...4 in...
    thurd and foreth rowz
    go like bak werds

    T heart R O U and bak ta T

    awesum :)

  13. Happy World Cat Day to you too. We are glad that Maggy is happy in her new home with Peggy. It sounds as if Zoey is enjoying her stay as a house guest with TK and Pip.

  14. That's a fun puzzle! Maggie is with the Peggy blanket lady? That sounds like a wonderful home for her so she can continue to enjoy the Florida warmth.

  15. It is always so lonely without our furries with us, so hope your life is filled with other joys until you and Zoey are back in the same house.

  16. Happy World Cat Day! And thanks for the fun puzzle...it was really well done

  17. Happy World Cat Day.

    We love Peggy and are pleased to hear that's where Maggy chose to stay. We hope Zoeyis back with you soon.

  18. Great puzzle and fun. Its good to see the updates on sweet Maggie and Zoey too.. Hugs GJ xx