Maggy arrived to us first, born November 2003, and adopted to our home in January 2005.  
She is a pure bred tortie point, weighing in about seven pounds then, 
and still (most of which is fur).  
She has beautiful markings, with a "white star" on her forehead, brilliant blue eyes, 
gold/red furs behind her ears and on her paws.  
Never (or very rarely) a lap cat, only wanting affection on her own terms... 
the Siamese in her genealogy comes forth, loud and clear, when she wants something, 
as she is definitely a talker.  She's gracious, elegant, independent ... 
her full given name is Mary Margaret, but she's often called Mags, 
the Magster, Magoo or MagMag.  

I always thought the song lyrics most appropriate for Mag were, "She's A Lady".  

 It is a year ago this month that Maggy and I said our good-byes, and so I have
chosen to celebrate the "Month of Maggy".  For those not familiar with the Zoolatry
blog, or the Zoolatry girls ~ a little more of that story will be told over the next day or two,
and then we're just going to put paws-up and enjoy a wonderful collection of Maggy
photographs and memories, old and new.  
Thankful for Maggy!
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  1. Hi there Maggie, this will be great fun to hear all about you and your adventures in life. Take good care.

  2. We didn't know anything about your early days with her, or that you didn't have her as a kitten, so this is so interesting to learn!

  3. Good Meowning beautiful Maggie. Tortie Point? Ahhhh, them's the best points to have unless there were only such a thing as Tuxie Points. Heeeee.

  4. Awwww She's a beauty, and a tiny one at 7 pounds of moslty fluff! My star is (or was, and will gain it back soon) 6 pounds, so I can imagine the size of your sweetheart!

  5. Maggy May is one of Mum's favourite songs sung by Rod Stewart. We are looking forward to seeing more of your Maggy Mae this month.

  6. Anonymous5/01/2014

    Oh what a wonderful way to remember sweet Maggie, I'm looking forward to more photos. And I never knew her whole name was Mary Margaret...I LOVE that name.

  7. Hi Maggie! What a beautiful cat you are!

  8. What a lovely way to remember Maggie ! We're looking forward to learn more about here and see other pictures ! Purrs

  9. I can't wait to see Maggy's journey in photos. She sure is a beautiful girl.

  10. maggy.....veree nice ta see ewe front N center ore shuld we say two de rite & knot on de left ore in de center..like yur blog haz been in de past on de center & two de left oh de page N knot rite....N now we haz R selves confuzed....

  11. Oh yes, she's a lady for sure. And she has a lot in common with Phantom, who also only wants affection or attention on his terms. But still totally lovable:) We are excited for the Month of Maggy.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. I don't know the Zoolatry girls, so look forward to this. Maggy is a pretty girl, too.

  13. Sweet Maggie! What a nice way to celebrate her, in the month of May!

  14. This is a lovely way to celebrate Maggy.

  15. Maggy, we loved you the minute we saw you! xxoo Patty & Bhu