June 02, 2015


Update June 2015

As part of our retrospective, we're looking through old posts.  Came across this one, a pleasant surprise as we'd forgotten all about it!  What a gift it was to have a song written, and dedicated to my husband Vic and to little Zoey.
This post originally ran on
September 28, 2007.  I believe (am not sure because my speakers do not work) if you
click on Cadenza Midi at the end of the text, you can hear the song!
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From September 2007

In early July, my husband found a weblog by this imaginative designer-artist and music composer, Azer Mantessa of Malaysia. He previewed some of his art on his blog, CAT IN THE BAG.
Cat In The Bag is a site mixing the antics of Zoey (the crazy cat of Zoolatry), and an eclectic blend of humor, beautiful photography and art, and political commentary. Recently, he was contacted by the artist/musician Azer and highly complimented that the mathematical computer art pictured here was designed and dedicated to him, and named "Zoey and Me". Not only was he honored with this striking art, but a music composition as well, from the Cadenza Midi Diary (c) of original music. As with the art, the music is entitled "Zoey and Me". Here is the link to one of this extraordinary artists' sites: Muzika Mantessa. This next link, will I hope take you to the site where (speakers on please) you can enjoy the original music composition: Cadenza Midi.


  1. meowwwww

    whoaaa ... i'm honored :-)

    a bit about me:
    male. 43. married. 5 kids. from malaysia. profession: actuarist and system developer. now into retailing business.

    a cat characters in me - quiet and unafraid (typical actuarist and programmer hahaha).

    into music only as a hobby. as music is colorless, i believe the whole world can be united thru music :-)

    thx for the link again :-)

    meowww ... cats stick together


  2. That is a very nice picture.Also,we visited the site. the music is nice .Azer is talented.Tnank you for the link.

  3. I'm listening to the song right now - love it! Too cool!

  4. Wow, that is very cool! I love that graphic. :)

  5. That is so great that they did this for Vic and Zoey. Great song and great graphic too. What a nice honor.

  6. Well, we couldn't hear it, but our speakers are weirdy and TBT has never bothered ta figure them out. He's on the visual side.

  7. That was just such a nice thing to do for Vic!!! Glad you rediscovered it too.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. That graphic was really cool, and we enjoyed the music, too. How neat how Vic and Azer connected like that, and that you have this post with which to revisit some fond memories. :)