June 01, 2015


Today we begin a special month ~ with some special days, and events.  Later this month, Zoolatry will celebrate a "blogoversary" ~ 8 years of blogging!  Seems hard to believe, and sometime soon among the days ahead, our 3000th posting will arrive as well.  Life sure has changed for us over the past 8 years and there have been many times we've been very close to ending these blogging days.  Though I must admit, I'm glad that day has not yet come.  So, join us throughout the month, it'll be somewhat of a retrospective, rambling through the years, but stopping to celebrate special days and events of this June.  Glad to have you here!  If you weren't here, we wouldn't be!

Hi ~ I am the Zoolatry Human's third grandchild (and 2nd grandson), and when I was this age, I lived with the ZH and Poppy Vic in Florida when my Mom and Dad went to work each day.  Now I am a bigger boy (like age 5 1/2) and the Zoolatry Human lives with me, in Maryland!  Funny how life works out, mmm!  Of course, long ago ~ that meant I also lived with Maggy and Zoey, the Zoolatry Girls, the CATS!  We had an OK relationship you could say.  Maggy just stayed in whatever room I was NOT in.  OK with her.  OK with me.  Zoey, on the other paw, was wherever I was.  And being proud grandparents, ZH and Poppy were always wanting to take my picture ~ and Zoey got reallyreally good at being in the picture, too ... see for yourself.  I mean, that cat can photo-bomb!  Need lessons ... call her!  She still does it!  Fur sure.
 She'd even photo-bomb me and my Poppy Vic when we was enjoying our time together!


  1. Awww...love this post! Very nostalgic! How things have changed for all of us in the past eight years!! Where does the time go?? Love the photobombs!!

  2. Great pictures and things really do change over time. What fun to see Zoey and Vic with Arjun. This is fun. Ann, you have a terrific day.

  3. Aww, that's some sweet photobombing!

  4. You must be great teacher of photobombing Zoey.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Yes, Zoey was good at photo-bombing. We still remember when Marcus was young, how most every picture Jan took had him in it, even if it was only his ears. He was a ham!

  6. Lovely post... Such sweet memories ! You're a master in photobombing, Zoey ! Purrs

  7. So cute! I love how Zoey loves this little boy :) A little photo bomb here or there never hurts anyone, right?

  8. sum timez...fotoz bombing izza GOOD thing !!!

    we iz glad ya dee sided ta stix round. other wise...who else wood we complain two bout stuff like burd, chcikn, chickn burd N burdz that look like bass terd chicknz ♥♥♥

  9. TBT here... I know the feeling of sometimes stopping the blogging. I'm glad I haven't and I'm glad you haven't. The cats and I have loved you over the years, and we would miss you.

    I've considered stopping a couple of times over the years. But then there is just one more cat ic to show or some thought to offer, and I get the desire back. I hope you continue to feel that interest.

    But if there comes a day when the joy is no longer there, when it starts to feel like an obligation, well that happens. It is time to change the daily habits and try something new. IF that day comes (and we hope it won't) we will understand.

    The best poets and writers and artists come to a point where they decide they have said all they want to say and change their lives. To turn to gardening, politics, or something new.

    I know you have changed your cat-blogging focus once or even twice. Whatever the future brings for you, we love you.

    And we look forward to the whole June bloggings...



  10. Such a beautiful post. I am glad you didn't give up blogging, you are a very important part of the blogosphere.

  11. What sweet interactions! Thank u for posting. The expressions on Zoey's face in a couple of shots are priceless, by the way!

  12. Zoey is very precious to us too!
    We are glad you have the ZH to help you grow. She is very wise and extra special to love.

  13. Congratulations and Happy 8th Blogiversary!! Here's to many more years of Zoolatry! And the human kids are so adorable!!!